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Pinterest Hires A Black Woman As Their Head Of Diversity 

Twitter recently added to their criticism that only 2% of it’s employees are people of color by hiring a Caucasian man, Jeffrey Siminoff as their new Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. Pinterest on the other hand, took a more visually progressive step at addressing their meager 2% of black employees by hiring Candice Morgan as their first ever Head of Diversity. She’s spent the last ten years working at Catalyst Inc., a global consultancy focused on diversity and inclusion where she advised a range of industries from finance to construction, technology and consumer goods. In her new role, Morgan plans to implement the Rooney Rule, which requires at least one person from an underrepresented background and one female candidate to be interviewed for every available leadership position. {Fast Company}

Sheriff Who Assaulted Handicap Man Will Not Face Jail Time 

A judge has recently decided to sentence San Francisco Deputy Sheriff Michael Robert Lewelling to 100 hours of community service as opposed to jail. Lewelling was found guilty of a felony and misdemeanor assault charge after accosting Fernando Guanill in November 2014. Guanill, who is homeless, was sleeping in a a hospital’s waiting room prior to his scheduled doctor appointment. A nurse called for police after Guanill was being disruptive in the waiting area. Lewelling and Guanill got into an argument and when the latter tried to use his walking cane to exit the waiting room, he was pull down and assaulted. Lewelling also perjured himself when giving his recount of the incident which varied from the hospital surveillance footage.Superior Court Judge Ellen Chaitin dismissed Lewelling’s lesser charge and replaced it with three years of probation. “We are very pleased with the judge’s determination, the remaining charge will be appealed” said Lewelling’s lawyer, Harry Stern. {The Huffington Post}

Inventor Creates Steering Wheel That Will Prevent Teens From Texting And Driving

A new study has found that over 40% of teens use their phone while driving, placing their life and the lives of others in potential danger. In 2011, over one million car accidents were as a result of teens attention being diverted from the steering wheel, to their phone. T.J. Evarts may have solved this problem with the Smart Wheel. The leather cover is designed to fit over most steering wheels and it’s sensors track whether or not the driver has two hands on the wheel at all times. If the teen takes their hands off of the standard “10 and 2” steering position, a warning light will flash and a buzzer will sound until their hands return to the proper position. The cover is connected to an app which allows parents to monitor the number of times their teen is breaking the rules and the wheel also sends an alert if it’s tampered with or removed. Evarts, having recently turned 20-years-old was inspired to invent the device after constantly seeing his friends drive carelessly with their attention directed at their smartphones. The wheel cover costs $199.00 and will be available for purchase later this year. {Mashable}

Naval Ship Is Dedicated To Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis 

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) is receiving a major military honor. The U.S. Navy recently announced that a forthcoming ship will be named the “USNS John Lewis” in commemoration of Lewis’ pivotal role in the Civil Rights movement. “Naming this ship after John Lewis is a fitting tribute to a man who has, from his youth, been at the forefront of progressive social and human rights movements in the U.S., directly shaping both the past and future of our nation” said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus in a press release. Lewis, who’s been in Congress since 1987 was a keynote speaker at the March On Washington in 1963. He helped to orchestrate the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965 which became known as “Bloody Sunday” when state troopers viciously attacked the peaceful protesters. {The Huffington Post}

New Toy Teaches Babies How To Code

The lack of diversity within the tech industry is typically rooted in a lack of exposure to opportunities for minorities, specifically students to learning the complexities of coding and software development. Fisher-Price has created a ground breaking toy, the Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar which will teach infants the basics of computer coding. The toy will engage the child and challenge him or her to put the pieces in various sequences as the Code-a-Pillar rolls around the room. The toy will also connect to a mobile app that will grow with the child and provide additional resources and problem solving challenges to nurture their critical thinking skills. {Gizmodo}


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