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Donald Trump Supports Joe Biden Running For President

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump attempted to shade Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign by reiterating the fact that she is still under investigation for an email scandal that took place while she was Secretary of State. During an interview with WHO Radio’s Simon Conway, Trump said “If [Hillary Clinton is] indicted, she wouldn’t be able to run essentially.” Instead of suggesting Bernie Sanders as the best possible candidate for the Democratic party, Trump said, “Maybe Biden, it could be a couple of other people that you and I both know.” In 2015, the Vice President sacrificed his dreams of running for President after his son, Beau Biden lost his battle to brain cancer. During President Obama’s last State of the Union, he put Biden in charge of “mission control” with the task of finding a cure for cancer. Politico 

Black Lives Matter Activists Chain Themselves To Cars During Protests

Hundreds of people in San Francisco spent their Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday stuck in traffic and unknowingly apart of a protest. The California Highway patrol arrested nearly 30 activists who stopped their cars in the middle of the Bay Bridge and proceeded to insight a protest. Participants were showing their support for the recent killing of Mario Woods, 26, who police said had threatened officers with a knife. Video footage contradicts those reports and shows Woods’ made no sudden movements toward cops. Bridge traffic was halted for nearly an hour around 4:30pm on King Day until police arrived and with bolt cutters. Protestors had wrapped chains waists and through their cars which had to be forcibly removed. Traffic continued to stay backed up for several miles and hours even after the protests subsided. SF Gate

Officer Will Stand Trial For Shooting An Unarmed Black Man

The manslaughter trial for New York City police officer Peter Liang will begin Thursday, January 21st. The rookie cop, who had only been on the job 18 months when he was patrolling the infamous Louis H. Pink Houses on November 20, 2014. While opening a corridor, Liang he accidentally discharged his weapon and the bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck Akai Gurley in the chest. Liang is also charged with reckless endangerment and official misconduct in the death of Gurley who was a husband and father of an infant. Liang’s lawyers have said the shooting was accidental. Supposedly, Liang and his partner Shaun Landau argued for several minutes on whether or not to report the shooting. Landau is expected to testify for the prosecution under an immunity agreement. Huffington Post

Man Freezes To Death In Chicago

After being reported missing for at least three days, Michael Quincy Daughtry was found on the property of a construction company in the Chicago. The 50-year-old is the seventh person within the Chicagoland area to die from exposure to the city’s extreme winter temperatures. According to the National Weather Service the most recent low was 2 degrees below zero. Weather related deaths have decreased in recent years. During the 2013-14 season, there were 32 confirmed cold-related deaths and between 2014-2015, the Cook County medical examiner’s office reported 26 deaths in part from cold exposure. Chicago Sun Times

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