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NFL veteran Eddie George is making his Broadway debut in Chicago as Billy Flynn. His transition to the stage follows his epic sports career where he played with the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys.

Eddie talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his long-standing history with the theater and how his famous wife helped his along the way.

“It’s been an incredible experience being here in New York. It’s such a well oiled machine and coming in I had to come in really off-book because I didn’t have enough time in two weeks to get a mastery, but…

Can he really sing and dance?

“I learned by osmosis through my wife. I’d like to think I can sing and dance I grew up in Philadelphia and my mother took me to the theater so I have somewhat of a background.

What his wife, Taj of SWV, thinks about his singing:

“That’s a tough one. She’s always critiquing me. After the first show she was there, she came backstage and she had tears in her eyes. She’s been very supportive.”

Click the link above to the entire interview.

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