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Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

There are 10 trillion reasons to love our first lady, from her brilliance to her press and curl to her arms to her passionate campaigns to help the people of America.

But above all of that, we love how 100% real Michelle keeps it at all times, even if she is the Queen of America.

Michelle Obama spoke to the hosts of “The Real” about her husband’s study habits in high school.

Loni Love asked, “Who got better  grades in high school, you or the president?”

And FLOTUS smirked with a simple point to herself saying, clearly me.

“He was a bum,” she explained.

The president’s better half went on to explain that family drama weighed on Barack heavily:

“He wasn’t raised with his father, so he was going through some stuff–had to figure himself out as a man, which is one of the reasons he talks to young men about this stuff,” she reflected.

“It is never too late—the president of the United States screwed around in high school and he still got his act together.”

This “never too late” sentiment is the pillar of Michelle Obama’s #ReachHigher initiative that seeks to increase the percentage of college graduates in America.

How amazing is it to see that two people, who came from humble beginnings, were able to soar to such astronomical heights. #BlackExcellence.

Watch below:


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