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WWD And Variety's Stylemakers Event - Arrivals

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

Zac Posen has always been known to do what he wants. A native New Yorker, growing up downtown, he’s a champion for this cosmopolitan city. Once ostracized from the fashion industry for being considered ‘childish’ because he chose to only show his lower brand, Z Spoke, in New York, and his couture line in Paris. In 2010, he was the only American designer, based in America, to show his collection, under his own name, in Paris. There were many whispers and haters, but he continued to walk his own path. When he did return, he presented in Lincoln Center Square for not only the fashion set, but also New York, to see. Nevertheless, this native New Yorker, growing up downtown, is known to speak his mind and cuts to his own cloth.

At the beginning of New York Fashion Week, he posed with a bag, designed by model, Ashley B. Crew, stating, “Black Models Matter.”

Zac Posen is a man of action and not a man of words. All New York Fashion Week his feed has been not only his dope collection but also images of black models and people in fashion.

He posted some of the inspirational pictures from his mood board. In a time when the fashion industry is under major heat for their cultural appropriation, Posen openly admits and celebrates the images and people of color who have served as muses for his Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Knowing this history, it’s no surprise that he followed up the statement, with a diverse runway. 40 out of the 46 models on the runway were people of color. This was noticeable and a statement because it happens so rarely. YesA majority of the models on the runway were Black, noticeably so, because this happens so rarely.

Kudos to Posen for diversifying the runway. This definitely is a lasting trend.

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