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Civilian Board to Oversee LAPD Shooting of Ezell Ford

The Black Lives Matter activist was arrested at a rally in Pasadena, California, in August of 2015, when she tried to pull a woman away from the police, according to Pasadena Star News.

The protester was facing up to four years, but received a sentence of 90 days.

Now, she’s out on bail, and family and social media alike are celebrating her freedom.

The uproar about her arrest was centered around the term “felony lynching,” which originally entered into law to prevent mobs from grabbing Black people from police custody to take justice into their own hands – or lynch them.

Using that term to then convict a BLM activist was a legislative slap in the face for the movement.

Luckily, the equality fighter can now continue her fight.

SOURCE: Pasadena Star News |  PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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