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The women in this world are all about their power while the men are slowly losing theirs. The episode opens with Tasha chatting with James on the phone about how his son is in therapy and needs him in his life beyond just financial support. James doesn’t seem to get it, but maybe he will before it’s too late.

In the next scene we find Jukebox running her business as usual. She’s planning a jewelry store heist and Kanan thinks he’s well enough to join her goons. Jukebox isn’t convinced by the looks of his still badly burned hands. Later on Candie took her top off and urged him masturbate. He ended up using both his hands—one on himself and one on her if you know what I’m saying. Candie then determined that both hands work and reported back to Jukebox. It’s important to note that Jukebox encouraged Candie to start a sexual relationship with Kanan (they end up having full blown sex later on), but Kanan thinks this affair is secret. Fast forward to their jewelry store heist, Kanan managed to work his trigger fingers so it looks like he’s back in business.


Tension is starting to arise between Angela and Jamie because he’s still married to Tasha. We know why they’re still married, but Angela’s sister doesn’t, so when she came over for dinner and inquired about what’s happening with the divorce you could cut the tension with a knife. It also didn’t help that Angela went to see Tasha to let her know that she called in a favor to the NYPD and got Tariq’s record expunged (because his school reported the gun incident). Tasha wasn’t feeling Angela because she didn’t think her motives were pure and told Jamie what happened. Jamie confronted Angela about going to see Tasha without him knowing and this is where Angela is finally starting to realize what Tasha had been saying, if you’re with Jamie then it’s all about Jamie and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He better be careful because if Angela decides to take her power back (no pun intended) he’s going to have yet another problem on his hands.


James, in his business life, is still trying to woo his potential new investor. She likes him, but she doesn’t want to do business with him until he gets on social media. She “doesn’t want to work with a ghost.” See what they did there?


But how’s that going to work out for a man who is so used to being low key? Then again, he has been a lot sloppier lately anyway.

Greg manages to find Ruiz doing janitorial work in Cali (in other words, the mighty has fallen). He warned Ruiz that Lobos is trying to kill him and his family, so either he and his loved ones die or he takes Lobos down by testifying against him, and gets his empire back. Ruiz played hard to get at first, but he eventually agreed to testify. But he can’t testify against Lobos without implicating Ghost too. It’s just inevitable.


Tommy and Holly stop by Tasha’s for a business meeting and while Tommy stepped away to chat with Tariq about all the trouble he has been getting into, Tasha figured out that Holly was pregnant (she caught Holly trying to secretly pour out some wine). Holly revealed that Tommy doesn’t know yet, but that she doesn’t even know what she wants to do. Tasha didn’t sugarcoat the fact that raising a drug dealer’s child is not what’s up, but urges her to at least tell Tommy what’s up. Back at home later on, Holly intended to tell Tommy, but instead she picked a fight with him about him not killing Ghost yet. Her solution is that if he can’t do it then he hires someone who will (aka the Jamaican assassins that Tommy doesn’t even want to work with because dealing with them is too messy). But it’s not that simple because Lobos asked him to do it. He got mad and stormed out before Holly could say anything. Let’s be real here, though, Holly wants a family with Tommy, she’s just scared because Ghost isn’t dead yet.


Andre got word that the Koreans had plans to light Tommy up and informed Ghost. Ghost tried to warn Tommy but he didn’t pick up the phone so when the Koreans rolled up to Tommy and had him trapped behind a car as they blasted, Ghost came to the rescue and handled business. Tommy didn’t even know Ghost saved him, because, you know, Ghost really tries to live up to his name. However, in this case, Ghost’s bodyguard, whom he paid to follow him, saw the whole thing. Do you smell blackmail coming on too?

Back in DC, Kanan and Jukebox were chilling at the strip club. Jukebox told Kanan she knows about him and her girl. She’s not tripping, though, but she also said it won’t happen again because now that he’s well it’s time for him to get out of her house and figure out how he’s gonna get revenge against Ghost.


Tommy stumbled back home after almost getting killed with a bloody arm because he got shot, so of course Holly had questions. He said he couldn’t see who shot at him, but his assumption was that it was Lobos. Holly stormed out of the apartment claiming she was going to get some band aids and some peroxide, but you know her. She actually went to hire an assassin to kill Ghost–once again minding business she should have just stayed out of.

Can we get rid of Holly please??? #powertv

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Damn, Ghost got Tommy, Lobos, The Feds, Kanan and now the Jamaican assassin gunning for him (pun intended). How is Ghost gonna get out of this one? Then again, do ghosts ever really die?


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