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So, let’s just get this out of the way. On this week’s Power episode “Don’t Worry, Baby” a lot is revealed. But it’s not all that we necessarily wanted to see. Let’s start with Tommy’s ass, which starts off the episode as he and Holly have a nice little romp. That apartment they live in is so bright and doesn’t seem to have any curtains whatsoever, so we’re thinking that people in adjacent buildings enjoy these sessions as much as they do. Holly wants Ghost dead more than Lobos does – or at least as much, now that she’s got a belly full of Tommy. But Tommy’s still hedging (note to Lobos: not a good hitman choice) and Holly has yet to share the baby news with Tommy.

But over at Tasha’s, the jig is up when Tasha catches on that Holly is expecting and can’t believe that she hasn’t told Tommy. Of course, Tasha tells her she needs to fess up because if not, watch this dumbhead chick get caught out there at the wrong time. With all this going on, we’re figuring that the Holly-haters are going to get their wish for her downfall one way or another this season. On the other hand, this girl is a proven survivor – like a roach.

Speaking of roaches, Kanan is all up in crooked cop cousin Jukebox’s illegal business. But Jukebox isn’t sure he’s ready and she figures out the most unique way in TV history to test it out – by using her girlfriend/slave/bottom chick to make sure Kanan can shoot by testing his hand strength. Have you figured out where this is going? Yep, she asks ole girl to put on a peep and freak show so that 50 can, um, make sure his hand is up to the challenge.

And there it is….50’s, I mean, Kanan’s, eggplant all out on display. Ewwwwww. I had to run it back to make sure that’s what it actually was and yup. We sure hope people ain’t watching Starz with their kids, but as I recently had an 8-year-old talk to me about plot points on Empire, I’m afraid of some of y’all parents. Seeing 50’s peen might convince you to put the kids to bed before you turn on any of these grown ass shows. (On another note, 50 blew up social media acting like he didn’t know show creator Courtney Kemp was going to show his full monty. Boy, we ain’t dumb. That wasn’t hardly airing without your permission. (As far as we know TV rules mean it had to be a fake, anyway.)

Jukie, of course, knows more about what happened with her girl than Kanan does, when they cousin share over a healthy dose of strippers at the local strip joint. Juke OK’s Kanan to do the job, which turns out to be a little jewelry store heist. Remember the kid from the pharmacy robbery that Kanan suggested wasn’t built for the street life? Well, he sure isn’t or he mighta seen that bullet to the head from 50 coming. Oh, well.

Scary Greg has made a break in the case, while Angela’s still trying to figure things out. Scary Greg has found Ruiz, the head of the Soldado Nation. Oh shit. Ruiz was hiding in plain sight in Cali as a janitor or maybe he’s the restaurant’s owner, but we’re sure he misses the big time. And after Scary Greg tells him that if he could find him, so could Lobos, well, Ruiz quickly decides maybe he’d be safer going with the Feds. OK, he’ll give up the ‘ghost,’ so to speak. Score one for Scary Greg.

Angela and Ghost – well, it’s still a struggle love, but Angela getting Tariq’s record of gun possession expunged might help get things back on a positive note since it was her gun in the first place. She shows up at Tasha’s crib to let her know that’s what she’s done and Tasha is like “Thanks, ho, but we ain’t never going to be friends.” Neither are Ghost and Paz, Angela’s sister, as the couple sits through the most awkward dinner ever with Paz judging them all the way. So much for sisterly support.

In the club life, Ghost is ordered by potential business partner Karen Bennett to get a bigger presence on social media. This doesn’t seem like a good idea for an undercover drug dealer, does it? But despite the security guy, who keeps telling Ghost he needs to talk to him about Bennett (and keeps getting blown off) Ghost decides to become the Kim Kardashian of the club life.

Meanwhile, Dre is keeping his eyes and ears close to the streets and finds out that the Koreans are kinda pissed that Tommy shut down their cheap coke game and want to take him out. He tells Ghost and Ghost shows up to the hit (after a hilarious scene with Tommy confessing his sins to the crooked priest he works with) and saves Tommy’s life. Unfortunately, Ghost doesn’t get the credit for it, because with all the bullets flying, who knew?

Certainly not Holly, who, when Tommy comes home all bloody from a graze, figures that Lobos is making good on taking them out. Uh huh. Holly got a baby to have and she’s taking no chances. We thought she might get Ghost herself but she has a better idea – hire a Jamaican hitman instead.

Lordt, what’s next on this show? Hopefully, never seeing any of Kanan’s naked body parts again.

Quote of the Episode: “Our product’s like a sore d–k, you can’t beat it.” Tommy

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