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President Barack Obama might need a little space from the ever watchful eye of the media.

When the leader of the free world decided to go for a round of golf not long after speaking on the beheading of journalist James Foley, it was a bad look. President Obama suffered a lot of criticism for taking a moment of leisure during such a serious, tragic time; looking back, he said he “should have anticipated the optics” of his actions.

That doesn’t change the fact that he’d still really like a chance to enjoy some peace and quiet away from cameras, microphones and political pundits. “Part of what I’d love is a vacation from the press,” he said, ironically, during his chat with “Meet The Press” yesterday.

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Keep in mind that Barack had been on a family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard during his ill-received golf game. He still took the negative comments against him because he wanted people to understand that he took James’ death to heart.

“I think everybody who knows me, even, I suspect, the press, understands that you take this stuff in, and it’s serious business. And you care about it deeply,” he said. “But part of this job is also the theater of it. … It’s not something that always comes naturally to me, but it matters, and I’m mindful of that.”

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Barack has really been the first president to be this deeply involved in pop culture and to be as open with the nation as he has been. As such, this does open him up to a bit more criticism than he already would have faced just for being president. It’s easier to broadcast a contrary opinion online these days through social media and to find like-minded people. Certainly with Barack, the public has felt a certain entitlement to be able to talk about him any way they please because he’s been so open and “cool.”

Simply put, many people lack a certain level of respect for Barack because he’s been so friendly and accessible with his constituency. The latest instance of this was Kim Kardashian throwing some shade at the president for calling her husband a “jackass” after his infamous VMA stage bomb.

“I don’t think it’s very appropriate for the president of the United States to be commenting on pop culture. … I mean, calling people ‘jacka*s’?” she stated in a recent interview with GQ magazine. “I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion – even him. I was just like, ‘Why is he even commenting on this?’”

That incident was how long ago? Kim, it might be time for you to have a seat about this one.


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