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Reports say that,

Faith Evans and her friends allegedly got into a physical altercation at STK restaurant in Atlanta over a man. One woman notified Famelous about the altercation, saying that she filed a police report against the singer and her friends after Faith attempted to sneak out the back of the restaurant.

The woman — who goes by @1mspeachatl on IG, wrote to the site, “…I was enjoying my birthday dinner with 2 girlfriends at #STK in Atlanta because I go there every year for my bday dinner and then 30min later Faith Evans comes in with her friends. After about 30min she started taking pics with fans so me and @blondi404 decided to take a pic too for my birthday. As soon as we were getting ready to take a pic @therealfaithevans tells us to hold on and acts likes shes taking a phone call then her best friend jumps up and attacks me.”

Sounds like Faith is guilty by association.