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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was a tad slow, but it seems like there are some major explosions bubbling beneath the surface. At first we discover that Kenya and Matt are back together again. They’re working things out out and boo’d up like everything is all-good. Matt took her to meet the family. Most of Matt’s family liked Kenya instantly, but Kenya had to work harder to win over Matt’s big sister. We’re supposed to believe that all of this is serious because Matt “has never brought a woman home” before. Let us all count down until the next round of relationship drama starts for her. You know how she do.


Kenya and Sheree also still have beef. During the episode opener, we see them respectively rehashing their drama—Kenya talking to Matt and Sheree talking to Phaedra and Porsha at brunch. Sheree is not the one, so this will get interesting once those two get locked in a room together again.



Kandi’s storyline initially looked like she was going to be drama free, but nothing lasts forever. Her drama this season will come in the form of Riley’s dad, Russell “Block” Spencer. Basically, it seems like he’s a deadbeat. He vehemently denies that claim, but this all came to light when his girlfriend stopped by the Kandi Factory to try and figure out how Riley could establish a relationship with Block. Kandi is open to it, but Riley isn’t too interested. She feels the way the rest of us feel, why did his girlfriend relay that message and not him? There’s also some stuff from Riley’s childhood that has her over it. Block’s side of the story is that Kandi is the reason Riley isn’t interested, but that becomes highly doubtable. Kandi explained that Block would make promises to show up and basically not follow through, throughout Riley’s life. After a while, Riley got tired of the broken promises and decided that she wasn’t interested in having a relationship with her dad. It’s a hurtful situation, but hopefully some resolution will come.


In other relationship news, Porsha linked back up with an ex from her early 20s. He’s a lobbyist in DC, but connects with Porsha whenever he’s in Atlanta. Porsha’s deal is that she wants to have a baby and thinks this guy would be a good candidate. Phaedra said Porsha “won’t be a babymama on her watch,” but Porsha shut that Southern Belle proper shtick down. Porsha mentioned that she has been there, done that when it comes to marriage, so her concern is finding a good co-parent, not a husband since her biological clock is ticking. It seemed like Porsha’s ex was interested when Porsha presented the plan, so we’ll have to stay tuned to that. You know babies are reality TV gold.


In other news, Sheree’s ex, Bob Whitfield, asked to move back in with her. Basically, he wants that old thang back and is still working as hard as he can to get it. Sheree isn’t interested in backtracking at the moment, but we’ll see what happens a few more episodes down the line.

Until next week…


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