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February 8, 2010 (Austin, TX)   Some celebrate the Super Bowl for a day, but two Texans have decided to make their party last all year.  A woman in Beaumont will wear BREES9 on her bumper.  A fella from Cypress chose SAINT5 for his message.  Both are choosing to express themselves on new license plates designs from  My Plates is a new program in partnership with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

The state legislature created the My Plates program to get creative with license plates to raise money for the state.  The program has been popular because it costs taxpayers nothing, makes $25M for the state, and offers all Texans a fun choice in customizing their cars.  Sales began November 19, 2009, and here are the results so far:

–    $1,190,455 in sales

–    5,300+ sales sold in 2.5 months (77 days)

–    $225 average amount Texans spend on a plate

–    $410,000 contributed to Texas General Revenue Fund

–    $130,000 goes to Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

–    $15,000+ average sales a day, that’s 68 plates a day

Out of 21 designs, the top selling plate design is Lone Star Black, a solid black plate with a white star.

My Plates designs start at $55 a year. The cost goes up if you want to personalize the plate.  Prices depend on how many letters and numbers you need to spell out the combination you want and whether you buy the plates for a 1, 5, or 10 year term. You can even put official Longhorn plates on motorcycles, trailers, RVs and private buses. You can give them as a gift!  About three weeks after you order, the plate arrives at a county tax assessor’s office for pick up.

Create your plate at You can also call My Plates at 1-888-7MY-PLAT(ES), Monday to Friday 8a-6p.