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Rachel Lindsay brought her suitors home to meet the family, and her fave did not exactly receive a warm welcome.

Normally, the week after hometowns is designated for another magical trip for a glamorous shoot on location. The Bachelorette takes the remaining two guys to meet her folks after that.

This time around, Rachel has to do things a little differently since her sister is just about ready to deliver her baby. So three guys get to meet The Bachelorette’s family this cycle.

It truly is a season of firsts.

Peter got the first introduction as Rachel took him to a baby store to grab a gift for her sister. The hope was that he could make a good impression on Rachel’s family.

As much as she likes the other guys–and she likes them a lot–Peter is still getting preferential treatment. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out how he’s still in the running. Low key, I’m still feeling a way that she sent Dean home and kept Peter.

Peter should have been out the door the moment he said he probably wasn’t going to propose, if he wins. But, hey, Rachel’s the one trying to find her forever.

That said, Rachel brought Peter home to meet her people, and she made sure everybody was there. The whole crew was there: Rachel’s mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, cousin, uncle, and aunt were all waiting on them at the door. Unfortunately, Rachel’s dad wasn’t able to be there for the visit.

After the initial pleasantries, everyone sat down for a cozy chat to learn a bit more about Peter.

Peter shared that his parents were a couple that made the leap after a month, and they’re still married 36 years later. Peter, on the other hand, is not that kind of guy. Peter’s been completely transparent about the fact that he is no rush to commit if he’s not feeling it–or even to say he’s in love before he’s ready.

However, that wasn’t a red flag for Rachel’s family. If anything, it only improved their opinion of him because it made him seem level-headed.

It seemed like Rachel was trying to reassure her family that Peter is good choice for her. She was doing a lot explaining, but that could simply have been due to nerves because she wasn’t sure how her family would receive Peter well. The one thing that Peter may have working for him is that Rachel was also very reserved while she was competing for Nick Viall.

Luckily, Rachel’s mom likes that Peter isn’t the type of guy to rush to the altar for the cameras. However, she made it clear that he should only continue dating her if he’s seriously trying to build a future with her.

I feel like Rachel is setting herself up for heartbreak and disappointment if she chooses Peter. She’s been clear about what she wants and expects, and Peter has been honest about what he’s prepared to give. Those things do not match up.

But that’s a concern for another day.

The next morning, Rachel dropped by to bring Eric out to meet her people. Visiting his family in Baltimore last week was a huge step for them, and she wants to continue that momentum as she brings him home to meet the Lindsays.

Eric and Rachel have some cute chemistry, which was fun to watch during their mini-date before family time; they can keep it light with each other, but it’s not clear whether they connect on a deeper level.

It’s been a while (read: 6 or 7 years) since a woman has taken Eric home to meet her family, so Rachel definitely gave Eric a little coaching.

Rachel’s family welcomed Eric with relatively open arms, but Peter set the bar high for making a good first impression.

During the family round-table, Eric was open about his romantic past and his family background as always. He used that to explain why creating a family is so important to him and how much value he places on that.

Rachel’s sister cut no cards when she took Eric aside to ask if he’s really ready for a serious relationship. By his own admission, he’s never truly been in love.

Fundamentally, Eric and Peter aren’t really giving off that different of an emotional vibe. However, Eric is actually ready to settle down, and he knows that he wants that. Peter, however, isn’t necessarily there yet.

Eric’s ready to take the leap (if given the chance) and Peter’s still deciding. When Eric asked for permission to propose to Rachel, her mother gave it to him.

Last but not least was Bryan, who got something that neither Peter nor Eric got: time with Rachel’s girls. The ladies that Bryan met were the two who got Rachel to sign up for The Bachelor. They had some light conversation over mimosas and he got to see a different side of Rachel.

This bodes pretty well for Bryan because it suggests that he and Rachel have reached a level in their relationship that the other suitors have not.

After that, it was off to see Rachel’s family, and there was a dramatic shift in the vibe of the day. Rachel greeted her family like she hadn’t seen them in months, so it’s clear that she’s really excited for Bryan to get to know everyone.

They were in for an unpleasant surprise when her family was not as receptive to him as they were to Peter and Eric. Her family was not as receptive to him as they were to Peter and Eric.

They grilled him like the beefcake he is, but he didn’t seem bothered by the heat. He handled it well, in fact. Rachel, on the other hand, was not having it.

She got super defensive when she felt her family was unnecessarily giving Bryan the third degree. Bryan excused himself from the table (probably the best move) and Rachel went off.

Rachel’s sister had a face full of side-eye for Bryan. She was put off by his buckets of charm, and she was skeptical about his feelings for Rachel. Rachel’s mom wasn’t really buying it, either, because he was throwing the “L” word around like confetti–or better yet rose petals.

Somehow, Bryan was able to address their concerns enough to kind of on get Rachel’s mother’s blessing. She didn’t really give Bryan her blessing, but she said she trusted Rachel’s judgment.

With that, it was off to Spain for the last leg of this romantic journey. Rachel arrived with excitement in her spirit. She looked like a woman who knows her life is about to change forever.

She explored the city on her own for a moment, but she later caught up with Eric for an exciting afternoon. These two seem like two friends that are excited to see each other every time they link up. They’re obviously attracted to each other and they enjoy each other’s company. Every date only serves to strengthen their bond.

These two are so cute, I just can’t take it. There’s something sweet about their relationship.

After a helicopter ride, they literally skipped off into the mountains to have a champagne picnic outside a church. But this isn’t just any old church. This church has a special bell: If you make a wish and ring it three times, your wish will come true. Eric wished to be able to full open up to Rachel about his feelings for her.

With a night in the fantasy suite on the line, it was definitely time to fess up! During dinner, he found the courage to admit that he’s in love with Rachel, which is all she’s been wanting to hear from him. That was enough to get him a key to the fantasy suite for a night with Rachel.

The pair seemed really comfortable with each other the next day–almost like this was natural for them. Right now, we’re really pulling for Rachel to pick Eric. They’re adorable together, and their relationship seems to be progressing the right way.

Eric is going to be the guy she wants, if she’s really looking for a lifelong connection. They’re going to be able to continue to grow, explore, and have fun together as the years go by. #TeamEric!

Rachel’s date with Peter didn’t go nearly as well in retrospect. She took him out to a winery and they got their own little wine cellar (do they get to keep that if they break up?). It was cute, but it just didn’t have the same vibe as her date with Eric.

For his part, Peter is really happy to see Rachel and he enjoys their time together. Unfortunately, that’s still not enough to get him to a place where he feels like he could propose to Rachel at the end of the season. Ultimately, Rachel wants a ring, and Peter has been telling her in no uncertain terms that he’s not ready to pop the question. But at least now we know why.

Rachel sees getting engaged in this situation as a commitment to continue building the relationship until they are ready for marriage. Peter sees engagement as marriage. When he puts the ring on her finger, he wants them to be at a stage in their relationship where they are actually ready to tie the knot.

These two are clearly not on the same page, and we’ll have to wait 2 weeks to find out what happens.


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