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Sigh. Another day, another blind, uninformed member of the media defending Trump and his increasingly unhinged remarks. This time it’s his best friends over at FOX News, specifically Harris Faulkner (who is black, FYI) who decided to defend his utterly controversial “both sides” speech from earlier this week. Girl, please go buy a clue…and some self-respect while you’re at it.

FOX News is practically the Trump defense headquarters at this point, so it’s never really surprising when they defend him against anything he says or does. However, given that Harris Faulkner is a black woman you would expect that she would have some sort of emotional attachment to the issue or stand in support of his critics following his almost dismissal of white supremacists. Unfortunately, the opposite rang true earlier this week when she was on FOX’s Outnumbered and decided to cape hard for #45.

While directly addressing Trump’s critics (instead of actually criticizing the President) Faulkner stated, “I don’t think anybody’s going to get the last word on this yet, but I would say this about the president’s critics as a whole. If nothing will quiet them, then they don’t have America in their sights. They don’t care about us. They don’t care about Americans. And shame on them. They need to step aside and let justice be done. Because if there is going to be justice, it’s going to take all of us together.”

To make matters worse and infuriate those with a concept of basic human decency, Faulkner added that she applauded Trump for focusing on “the color of green” instead of “skin color.” Girl, WHAT?! You can watch her entire delusional exchange in the VIDEO of the Outnumbered segment BELOW:


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