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Omari Hardwick’s wife Jae Hardwick made a rare video appearance on Instagram last night, which sent Internet trolls on a commenting spree about her appearance.

Hardwick posted a touching social media message, calling for her followers to leave uplifting comments for her friend who is struggling with complications and depression after being shot 14 times. TheIndustryOnBlastx reposted the clip and, as you can imagine, the comments came pouring in, but they weren’t positive.

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I believe in gathering around each other when life is kicking our asses. I believe in collective energy and prayers. I need y'alls help! After being shot roughly 14 times, enduring back to back surgeries (including brain surgery) to try and repair some damage done during a random violent attack in my hometown and now fighting the pain of rehab and the mental battle of recovery my dear SS needs US to have her back (as she has had mine). The way I look at it, it would be impossible for her natural mind not to wrestle with depression and questions BUT my SS is a warrior and has a story to tell on the other side of this journey. Our fellow Sister, Mama, Woman needs some major encouragement. She needs reminders on how strong, powerful and capable SHE is. Please help me remind her. Please comment your encouragement, prayers, light and love below or DM me longer messages and I will make sure this Super Hero of a woman gets them. Let's show that love (even if strangers) will always win over hate, violence and pain. #WeGotYouSS #Strength #Encourage #Uplift #Womanhood #Motherhood #Sisterhood

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Commenters criticized Jae’s appearance, calling her “ugly” and “manly.” Some fans defended Jae and reminded the haters that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

One person wrote,

“Do you b*tches think he’s going to read these comments and be like “They are right. My wife does look like a man. I’m going to be with one of you internet trolls instead.” Get a job you damn hating slobs.”

Another posted,

“She’s put a beautiful post up about helping someone in their hour of need and so many people are just being rude and disrespectful about her looks. What does her looks have to do with highlighting a serious condition that effects more people than we even know about? It’s sad that her race has to come into it or her gender. And for those bitching about Omari being married to her what difference to your life does it make? Are you in their relationship? No so just live life and be happy”

And in that order.


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