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240 thoughts on “$5k a Day Text to Win!

  1. Sherron Mosley on said:

    This would help me out so much. I’m so desperate…I need all the help that I can get. Thank You

  2. Willie Coats on said:

    Hi my name is Willie coats.I grew up lisiting to Majic music. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for 45 years we have 4 children 2 are challenged and the money would give us an opportunity to take that vacation we have never had. Thank you.

  3. Hello Majic 102,my sister town home was flooded for the 2nd time. Once when Alicia 12years ago and none Harvey. Her first flood was flooded with ttwo feet of water. The living room,dining room,kitchen set, washer and dryer and her vehicle. I would love to give her the $5k.HH

  4. Tonya Thompson on said:

    This will truly be a blessing to win so that I am able to help some of my church members who were affected and lost everything through hurricane Harvey…

  5. LaToya H on said:

    This would really help out my family so much since Hurricane Harvey. I hope if its not me it will be a blessing to someone else in need at this time.

  6. Christopher L Miller on said:

    This will be a blessing to me and my nother. I want to give everything penny to her. It’s been a struggle for her the past 3 years…(in the name of Jesus)

  7. LaTicia Madison on said:

    This would be a huge blessing for my family to get back on track after Harvey!!! Definitely in need of 5k!

  8. Hi i am a mother of a beautiful 8year old daughter i work as barista and i attended school at Houston community college it is really difficult not have a car my car went in and now i have had my schedule change at work to where i am able to walk my daughter to school and pick her up i also have to get ride from my classmates to and from school this money will help me to get another car please

  9. Thank you so much Majic 102 FM for all you do and continue to do for H-down. You a truly are the people’s radio station. Continued blessings to all of you who are making this 5K give-a-way possible for everyone listening. AGAIN, THANK YOU!

  10. Clara Strickland on said:

    This would be a blessing so i can help my cousin who lost everything. Praise God for life.

  11. I really would love to win so i can finally ttake my kids on a vacation we were never able to afford by me being a single parent.One income is very hard so i was never able to do no outings that cost a few more bucks than we had.

  12. Kimberly Howard on said:

    Hello my favorite people to listen to in the morning evening and supper time. I love you guys at Majic 102 .You all make my day I’ve been listen to your station since we move her from LA 40 years ago. I pray to God I get to listen to you guys 40 more years. Have an awesome blessed day. And if I win at $5,000. I’m taking my mother on the best day that a mother and daughter can have. this storm has gotten everybody rattled and all I want to do is bring peace to somebody I love. And she deserves it.

  13. Charlotte Stephenson on said:

    I am a single parent and my house is damaged. I would use the money for repairs on my house. Times are hard and this would really help me and my kids.

  14. Charlotte Slaughter Skinner on said:

    This would be a blessing for me to catch up on my car note due to the hurricane and also to bless my 9 grans for Christmas. We didn’t have much due to the storm and I was laid off but we had love for one another. I just want them to be Blessed for keeping a smile on there face through the storm. Thanks!!

  15. Josie Watkins on said:

    If the money is as good as the music Immo be as happy as a lark waiting for. That Call…

  16. Anonymous on said:

    This will truly be a blessing to me and my family I’m a widowed father with 3 kids and I have it hard right now.

  17. Sheritta H Duncantel on said:

    Mom of 5/single of course. Behind on everything. This is a wonderful thing Magic 102.1 is doing. You guys are Dope!

  18. KatrinaParham on said:

    This would be a big blessing to me and my 8 month old baby and the other baby on the way!

  19. Anonymous on said:

    Manic 102 is Heaven sent! Your hearts are in right place with so much devastation going on around the world. Thanks for your heart felt gifts!!!

  20. Cerissa Davis on said:

    Just getting my tires changed and was listening to 102.1 heard the word of the day and gave it a shot! With this money I would finish getting some things for my kids for school and pay up some bills. I’ll be very grateful and good wishes to each of us who hope this money!

  21. Carl Cunningham on said:

    I’m a Vietnam veteran I also suffered little
    Damage from Harvey I still help four others they lost everything so I need the money to help this family get back on their feet, thanks Majic102 for being a blessing, when you help me I Will be able to help others.

  22. Latasha Goodwin on said:

    This would really help me pay for application fees, tests, tutors, interviews and more in trying to get in pharmacy school. A lot of money is spent when trying to apply to professional school and I’m not working to afford it all.

  23. Chad batiste on said:

    5k a day…My family and I in a much need vacation after the Harvey storm. My princess,Y’Nobe and My Queen Ebony Batiste …Bless the Batiste’s

  24. Robert P Walker on said:

    My name is Robert Walker from Wharton Texas a flood victims and need a blessing

  25. Ian Birch on said:

    I really need this 5k me and mom are still trying to recover from harvey and this 5k will really be a blessing it would honestly put us back on track.

  26. Yolanda ✨❤️✨ on said:

    AMAZINGLY ‼️‼️ It will be so Amazing to the world able to reach the dream of dreams… To help in climate change in little ways that turn into big Ways ✨❤️✨Love Y’all

  27. Pashion Crain on said:

    I would love to win I listen to you guys night and day keep up the good work much love

  28. My kids and I are homeless . Ages 9 & 5. We are pillow to post with no help. I lost everything , my boyfriend passed away December 20th from a motorcycle accident. I’m pregnant , we got evicted from our Apartment in June. It will be a blessing to win this 5k it will help us get on our feet . I’ve prayed and prayed and I’m praying for us to get better and the boys don’t deserve this .

  29. Thank you Majic102 for being apart of this contest. There are so many people in need at this time. Thank God you are providing a way for all to put some normalcy back in our lives.

  30. Miranda on said:

    I have a special needs son…this would really help replaceing and restoring his comfort zone wwhich is his bedroom…we lost our home in the storm Harvey

  31. Janice Green on said:

    It will be a blessing for me to win, it would help my family after storm Harvey, I and my family don’t complaint because we are bless we have each other.

  32. cynthia campbell on said:

    Cynthia Campbell on October 04, 2017 at 2:37pm said I’m a wife of 42 year mother of 8 2 living sons,married at 17 never had a honeymoon the money would really be greatly appreciated and my husband and I could really have a nice honeymoon the one we never had.

  33. Shaquittia Taylor on said:

    This will be a blessing that me and my family been asking for. We have lost everything due to the hurricane🙏🙏

  34. Diana Whitaker on said:

    Hello its so good to know someone cares I love listening to Magic 102.1 God bless all the Harvey victim’s Thank God for my family!!

  35. Michelle marcus on said:

    Single mother of 5 kids.. lost my car during the hurricane. So glad September is over. Hopefully a new starts for me.. I will be for ever grateful if I win.. I have never applied for anything.. and, I do never do bc there might be people that need it more. But, I am struggling. But, I do enjoy the music.. it is all I got to keep by.

  36. Im a single mother & also have custody of my younger sister since our mother was killed .this money would help me to be able to replace things lost from hurricane harvey as well as to make sure my babies have agreat christmas . Please pick us .God Bless🙏🏽🙏🏽

  37. Megen Tatum on said:

    Megenhis can really help me out on bills and Christmas because right now I am struggling

  38. Anonymous on said:

    Lezetta on October 05, 2017 at 1:42pm said I agree to terms Thanks for the opportunity to win 5,000 majic 102.1

  39. quintina block on said:

    This would be blessing this is my birthday month and with harvey taking my vehicle this will allow me purchase a new one.

  40. Latasha Sonnier on said:

    ThE answer is :helper

    Latasha Sonnier
    Please bless us to win the funds. We’ve lost 11 car and our kids school supplies and diapers were inside. We have a family of 9.
    7 kids and two adults. Thank you for this opportunity.

  41. Thanks for bringing Houston great music!! You came along just in time for my obsession with Prince!!! Love me some Majic 102.1!!!

  42. I have an 88 and an 81 year old. Aunts that I’m taking care of- winning the 5,000.00 would be be truely a Blessing for us!! Thank y’all for doing this for Houston!

  43. Sharyl Allen on said:

    Thank you Majic 102.1 for the opportunity for anyone in the community to win 5K. I pray that the winner will be grateful, use what they need and pay it forward by helping someone else in need. I would help my brother and his family who are still being sheltered after hurricane Harvey but continues to help others during his loss. It’s always a blessing to be a blessing to someone else.

  44. Clarence williams II on said:

    This would be entirely a great blessing for me and my family and can help us in a major way.Thanks you for giving me this opportunity I truly appreciate it

  45. This money will be a blessing to so I can go see my daughter in The Navy. This money will help me with my bills and get my house together. YESagree with terms & conditions.

  46. Curtiska Pink on said:

    This would be a huge blessing for me and my daughter. I have to replace so many items that was lost in the flood and this money would definitely help us so much. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  47. Donald Hudson on said:

    Ok Hello Candi this Mr.Donald I need that 5,000gramto help homeless people s and my family ok.I need a break through by the Grace Of God.Iknow God do cares about helping his God Love Ones .Amen.God Can God Got It.God Can Do Anything.Thank U Candi So Enjoy Your God Bless Day .

  48. Donald Hudson on said:

    Okay Thanks You Magic102.1 so have a Bless Day And Enjoy It.God Is Good All The Time.Amen.

  49. Really need a new roof and money is really short right now….And the Home Owners Association is on top of us about our house…@,@

  50. Tanya Nwachukwu on said:

    If i won this monies this would help me and my husband stay in our apartment due to the storm we lost a month of work and this is the 2nd month not paying rent because of Harvey i hope we won but if not whomever does it’s a blessing for someone

  51. Brittany Jackson on said:

    I really hope I win 5k to help my grandma pay off the bills, we have been struggling so much. My mother passed away when I was younger and ever since my grandma has been taking care of 4 of us… So it’s been extremely hard on her. We have been struggling financially, everything falls on her. I’m currently in college so it’s harder on her. We don’t get checks weekly we get it monthly.

  52. loving the life as a single parent have taking such a toll on me mentally and financially, I would just use it on my kids they deserve to enjoy themselves for just being the troopers they have been through this ordeal

  53. Anonymous on said:

    I love listening to Majic 102. My kids know when they’re in the car with me they better not touch the radio.

  54. Georgette Brown on said:

    This 5k would help me out a lot it would be a blessings especially this time of year for my kids.

  55. Octavia Watkins on said:

    I was having a rough morning as i am trying to get on my feet with my first baby otw..listening to 102 this morning literally lifted any kind of spirit that was making me down..them blues will do it

  56. Thank you Majic 102 for great music and keeping me informed. I definitely can use $5000. Trust and believe in Jesus.

  57. Quiana Henry on said:

    God will Bless those to be a Blessing to otherin there time of need. Thank u. God bless U.

  58. Meshon Simmons on said:

    This will truly help me and my family. I pray that God would hear my cry and bless me with this blessing.

  59. This would be a blessing beyond measure. I’ve been driving my vehicle for 18 years & the transmission went out one month after relocating here in Houston. I pray for this blessing because I’m in a need for a vehicle.

  60. Pamela Bridges on said:

    I could certainly use the blessing and be a help to others that are in need.
    I consent.

  61. Latrice Jason on said:

    I’m a single mom with six kids and we are suffering financially and mentally. I can barely make ends meet and pay bills and I am tired of seeingy kids crying everyday.My water and lights are about to get cut off and we are soon about to be living on the street. And Christmas is coming up and I would like to buy my six kidss something for Christmas.

  62. Andrew on said:

    Would be great to have help replacing my 22 yr car car. It’s been great but it’s giving out.

  63. Theresa Hall on said:

    I would be gracefully appreciate this blessing that 102 chose me to receive the $5000 dollars.

  64. Veria steptoe on said:

    I really need this money pay bills.help my4 grandaughters 1 in college2 just lost there dad and the4th is in great need of finance to move

  65. Was recently laid off from my job and hurricane Harvey really set me and my family back. Really could use this 5k!

  66. Michelle Timms on said:

    I need this money and I hope and pray that the Lord bless me with getting this because I need to expand my house to add another room to it so I can have a three bedroom and another bath.

  67. Morgan on said:

    I agree to all terms and conditions and to get these bills paid off bills bills bills can you pay your telephone bill can you pay my my mortgage bill

  68. Jennifer Roach on said:

    I accept the terms …i need to buy my daughter school clothes I really am struggling still can’t afford her school clothes this will really help 979 383 3610

  69. brandie on said:

    I would love to win, because then I can help my mother out who is currently battling stage 4 breast cancer.It would be a blessing.

  70. Terrie Black on said:

    I would really like to win….it would be a great BLESSING thanks in advance….i agree to terms and conditions

  71. Andrea McCorkle on said:

    I listen to Majic 102 everyday & my kids know when they get in my car they better touch my radio dialsndres

  72. Lisa Jason on said:

    I was affected by the recent hurricane and in the process. My bills fell behind . Could really use a blessing not for myself but to my family that’s also been affected. Thank you

  73. This would be a hug blessing for me and my family.During the hurricane we lost all of our thing and Just to find out my mother cancer came back so this money would be a big blessing to start our lives back Thank you

  74. Henry Smith III on said:

    When I win the 5k I’m letting my kids have a flyjock skip day. They keep asking about a plane ride, so Southwest we want to get away. Tom thanks for all the years!

  75. Jazamaine Edwards on said:

    My name is Jazamaine Edwards yes I hope I win the 50 my family really need it we lost everything during harvey.

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