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If you’re a fan of the hit shows Empire and Star then get excited because the shows are back! Empire is returning for its fourth season and Star returns for its second season.

Director and creator of the shows Lee Daniels is bringing you more Cookie Lyon and Carlotta Brown and he can’t wait to talk about it!

“I’m here for you this morning,” says Daniels.

Forest Whitaker is going to be a new character on Empire, and although he can’t say too much about what his character does Daniels was happy to say,  “I snagged him! We worked together on The Butler.  I’m so happy he’s doing television. He brings a gravetas to the show which is well needed and makes it a full-bodied show.”

But Daniels is wearing two hats, as he’s not only the creator of Empire, but he also created the show Star. 

“Yeah, it’s gangster. Queen Latifah is just so out there. She’s an incredible force to be reckoned with. And we’re going to do a crossover with Empire and Star. Sort of like those old school Aaron Spelling days. ”

Sybil wanted to address a beef she has with Daniels. On Instagram, she called Daniels out for not having Tom star on Empire or Star!

“Tom needs to pay you a big salary because you out there hustling for him. You’ve got somebody in your corner, Tom… But I really do want you on the show. It’s ridiculous because you’re an icon…Imma figure something out, ” explained Daniels.

Looks like we might be seeing Tom on the next season!


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