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The woman caught canoodling with Kevin Hart on tape claims she had no clue he was married.

Kevin might have a little more apologizing to do to his wife, Eniko Parish. What seemed like a one-time mistake may really have been a weekend affair as model Montia Sabagg revealed to The Daily Mail that she slept with Kevin three times in three days.

After a few steamy sessions with the comedian, Montia said was shocked to find out that her weekend hookup had a wife and kids because he was acting pretty single when they met.

“I did not know he was married,” she said during an interview that was released Monday. “I found out after we already had been together. So I did not know at first.”

She insisted, “The way he was acting didn’t seem like he was married.”

From what Montia told the Daily Mail she may not even have been aware that he was famous. “I wasn’t like starstruck or anything like that,” she said, explaining that she just thought he was cute. “He’s an attractive man.”

According to Montia, they first crossed paths on a flight to Nevada when she was traveling to see a friend. They later hungout a night club before heading back to his hotel with some friends. From there, the two slipped off for some private time, and Montia claims the topic of his marital status never came up before they had sex.

“I feel when two people are attracted to each other or they have you know some kind of attraction toward someone, I feel like you don’t always really talk about what’s going to happen… It just kind of happened naturally.”

Furthermore, she claims that Kevin wasn’t trying to hide their involvement. “Kevin was very public about his affection towards me,” she stated. “We were hugging, kissing, touching and it made me believe he wasn’t married.”

Montia insists that she wouldn’t knowingly have had a fling with him had she been aware of his relationship with Eniko. She asserted in conclusion, “If I had known that Kevin was married this would never have happened.”


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