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Midsection Of Pregnant Woman In Darkroom

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This is what Trump’s America looks like in 2017.

A pregnant Michigan woman was shocked when she was subjected to racial slurs while walking down the street in her suburban Detroit neighborhood.

According to Fox2 Detroit, Mikea Eberhart, who is nine months pregnant, told the news network that during a walk around her Dearborn Heights neighborhood early Sunday morning to help induce labor during contractions, a woman on a nearby porch and a random man shouted racial epithets at her.

“I was walking up the street… me and my two kids… a truck pulls up and says n**ger n**ger n**ger,” Eberhart told Fox 2 of her walk that she took her children on.

Soon after Eberhart pulled out her cell and started videotaping the racist encounter.

As Fox 2 describes, in a now taken down Facebook video of the interaction, the neighbor can be heard using a numerous curse words and racial slurs. Eberhart is clear: This woman was enacting “racial intimidation.”

“Racism still exists and it’s very serious and it’s right in your neighborhood,” she said. “It’s very diverse here now… for her to make that scene… it was surprising to me… because I never encountered something like that.”

Eberhart stressed that she wants the woman to legally pay for what she did.

“I want her prosecuted… I’m going to press charges… I want her in jail,” Eberhart said. “You threatened my kids. I don’t play about my kids.”


Detroit police told Fox 2 that the woman could be charged with ethnic intimidation, but that may or may not happen.

Why can’t we just walk down the street in peace?


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