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18 thoughts on “The “SZA Flyaway in New York” Sweepstakes

  1. latisha Price on said:

    She is setting her own pace, and is creating her own path and blazing a hot trail that everyone is listening to. so proud of sister girl…

  2. Javier Johnson on said:

    I’ve been in love with SZA’s since #IceMoon. At this point of recovery of Hurricane Harvey and his wipe out of everything Allah has been my healer and SZA has been medicinal. I would love to be apart of her audience! And Chris Rock!

  3. Tristan Walker on said:

    No one like her… in a ere where music is losing its “majic” she’s one that’s bringing it back in style.

  4. She came to Houston and the tickets sold so fast I’m was literally depressed for a week and cried the day she came if i could get the chance to see her in person I would be forever grateful 😭

  5. Jeron Henderson on said:

    Finally, a new voice, new sound, and classic music is back on our air waves! I just can’t get enough and she inspires me to write daily. I can’t wait to collabe…

  6. I would love to go to her concert, the tickets went out so fast. I’ve been listening to her since icemoon😭 I hope I get the tickets ‼️

  7. Leigh Townsend on said:

    Sza is one lady with talent to reach the public that are ready for her deep thoughts.
    I am soneone who can relate to her mind stretching, soul reaching lyrics. Love her.

  8. Deijaa Simone on said:

    Beautiful soul, her music speaks for itself. I can’t think of any comparison to her only category I can say is REAL . Truly Original and I genuinely can relate <3

  9. Cynthia Hollis on said:

    I would really love to win those tickets from Houston love Majic 102 enjoy Tom Joyner in the morning show

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