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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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Howe to Get Away With Murder picks up with Annalise’s therapist’s (Isaac) ex-wife, who is also an addiction specialist showing up to her place, telling her that he’s in a fragile place and that they lost their daughter to suicide. She thinks Isaac is using again. Annalise figures out that the implication is that she’s triggering Isaac. Then we cut to Annalise telling Isaac that she found a new therapist. He tries to convince her to stick with him otherwise she’ll relapse. But really, he’s the one who needs this now. For some reason, he’s intrigued by Annalise and the notion of helping her.

Meanwhile, the AG’s office is working to try to shut down Annalise’s class action suit. Annalise is in court trying to state her case for why this lawsuit should continue. They claim Annalise doesn’t have enough plaintiffs (because they were going around offering folks better deals if they dropped out of the case), but Nate shut Bonnie down from sneaking around and finding more of Annalise’s potential plaintiffs to track down. As a result of Nate’s do-gooding, Annalise is able to move forward and round up the amount of plaintiffs she needs.


The AG then pulls out photos of Annalise allegedly drinking again. Basically, someone placed a bottle of alcohol on Annalise’s car. She removed it from the car, but someone snapped a photo of her with it in her hand. This was obviously staged to try to set her up.

Meanwhile, Frank tells Laurel that it’s a dumb idea to try to take her father down, and convinces her to not leak the secret documents from Caplan and Gold. She’s naive enough to believe that this could be the move to take her dad down and avenge Wes’ death. Frank knows she is putting her life, Michaela’s life, Oliver’s life and his life in danger. He begs them not to do this, but Laurel insists, and Michaela is still her ride-or-die on this even though she knows this is suicide. It’s probably hard to say no to Laurel because she’s pregnant.


Annalise then aks ADA Denver, of all people, for his help in helping her get this case together. He doesn’t want to help her, obviously, but the AG is also an enemy of his (because Denver is running against him for AG). Annalise says the point of whatever plan they hash out will be for them to show everyone how crazy Annalise really is. Hold that thought, though. This will make sense later.

Tegan asks Michaela to plan an office party since the firm is about to go public and make millions. This party will also be important, not this episode, but next week.

Now we’re back in court with Annalise defending her cause for the class action suit. Denver supplies her with the person who allegedly set her up. Annalise examines the woman on the stand. The woman admits to staging the photo because of that time Annalise showed up to the DA’s office and started spazzing out on them. This is the whole, Annalise is crazy part. Basically, the women said she didn’t like how Annalise chastized them and tried to make them look like the bad guys so she set her up (she’s lying though). Annalise wins again.

After the trial, Bonnie finds the AG and tells him that she’s on his side and that she used to work with Annalise and knows how they can beat her.

Ugh, why won’t she just die already?


Fast forward to the moment we see Annalise in the shower. She’s relaxing, but then gets interrupted by a loud thumping sound. She puts on her robe, grabs her er gun, and starts investigating. She doesn’t find an actual human, but she does find a bottle of vodka on her table, which means that there was someone in her house. It’s one of her favorite kinds of vodka and it reminds us of an earlier conversation Bonnie had with someone where she says that everyone knows what types of drinks Annalise likes.

Annalise heads to Nate’s house and tells him what’s up. He points out the obvious–These people are obviously trying to get in her head. And then we’re back in court and Annalise has Isaac on the stand giving his professional opinion that Annalise is competent enough to see the class action suit through. The AG cross-examines him with the motive of undermining Annalise’s mental fitness. Isaac testifies in her favor, but as we know, he is concerned that Annalise taking on the class action suit could cause her to relapse, we’ve heard him say this in sessions. He doesn’t technically lie outright, but he doesn’t tell the truth either. He basically phrases it in a way that states that he has confidence in Annalise.

The AG is pissed at Bonnie because whatever she fed him for his cross-examination didn’t work. He insults her before walking away. She’s used to that, though, from working with Annalise. Then Nate steps to her because he figured out that she went to Isaac for therapy in an attempt to mess with his head and to sabotage Annalise’s therapy. Bonnie is caught again and she begs Nate not to tell Annalise. Annalise will find out eventually, but it’s cool for now because the judge rules in her favor and allows Annalise to proceed with her class action suit.

Back to Annalise’s kids. Asher is in on all of this by now and is down for whatever despite this being a suicide mission. The party is tomorrow night and Laurel wants Michaela to steal Tegan’s key card to get into the server. Michaela refuses because obviously, Tegan is smart enough to know who took her key card. And that’s when Oliver reveals that they can actually frame Simon. Earlier in the episode, Simon revealed that he’s a Dreamer and he’s afraid that he could get deported if he doesn’t get a job at Caplan and Gold if he goofs whatever it is that he’s working on and not doing a good job with. Oliver offers to help, which means that Oliver now has all of Simon’s access information. So, they’re going to break into the server and frame Simon for it.


This is so messed up. Even for this group of people.


Annalise confronts Isaac about basically lying on the stand. He tells her that he really wants to help her and stay on as her therapist, of course. She tells him that she only hurts people. He tells her not to let Bonnie get in her head. She looks confused (because she doesn’t know that Bonnie was his patient undercover), and says that it’s his ex-wife that is convincing her not to work with him.

In the next scene, Connor gets all romantic with Oliver and tells him that he wants to marry him. This time, Oliver is the one who doesn’t except the offer. Instead, he blurts that they know who killed Wes and spills all the tea.

Then 48 hours later we see snippets of the crime scene, Annalise bloody in the shower, Asher in jail, Laurel crying for her missing baby, doctors operating on a mysterious someone, and Michaela asking, “Is he dead?”

Everything is gonna go down at the party.

It all comes to a head next week.


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