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2017 IJGH Single Mom Shopping Spree

Source: I Just Got Hit.Com / client provided

Tis the season to be jolly!

Majic 102.1, 97.9 The Box, and Godsey-Martin IJustGotHit.com want to make sure that 20 families get the Christmas they deserve by providing them with a $500 shopping spree to ToysRUs!

So get in the Holiday Spirit and log on to IJustGotHit.com to register for the holiday helpline phone number.

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11 thoughts on “Win: Holiday Helpline Shopping Spree

  1. Crisinia Wilson on said:

    Hello my is Crisinia Wilson. I think my sister should be one of the 20families to receive the shopping spree. Why I say that is because she is a single mother with all grown kids, but now is raising her niece daughter. She has been having her since she was 2 months old and now she is 8 months now. The reason being for having her is because her niece is going through a CPS Case and she needed someone to get her so she wouldn’t go into the system. She goes to school full time and then she comes home and tend to her. She doesn’t have anything to give to get her some things for her for Christmas. Harvey has really messed them up
    So if she my sister could be one of your chosen families it would make me happy to see her and the baby happy.

    Thanks so much
    Crisinia Wilson

  2. Crisinia Wilson on said:

    It will be really appreciated to see them happy. Especially my sister to see the baby happy.

  3. Dellann Green on said:

    Hello iam Dellann Green I pray my daughter and I will be one of the families that receive the shopping spree.Some years ago my daughter lost her eye sight partial but I taught her things that she would need if anything was to happen to me. Then two years ago we lost our place to live. And at that time she was having twins. But on that day she had to be put in the hospital due to high blood pressure. Her pressure was so high that it like to have killed her. But God was with us we had to stay in the hospital extra days. And after that we bounce from here to there cause we had no where to live on a fixed income and unable to work. Some years back my doctor stated that in a few years I will most likely be in a wheelchair due to my condition. It worry me cause we all that we have.Iam now take care of one of my grandchildren because CPS came into my daughter life and I wasn’t going to let her be in the system. So she been with us through it all. We where bless this year to have a place to live. Ijust want to Thank u! And I pray we are one of the families.Ms.Dellann Green

  4. Gwen Simpson on said:

    I would like to help my sister with four CPS children she gets no government asst please help her.

  5. Rosie Balentine on said:

    I take care of my 3 grandkids they mother is on drug. i have a fix income so am really having a hard time. i just them to have a nice Christmas it’s really hard they age is 9,5 and4.am just making sure they will have a happy Christmas I don’t have no help I don’t know where to find my daughter. They do well in school and trying take mind off my daughter they need to be happy. Can you please help……

  6. Joellyn Williams on said:

    Hello I’m a mother of one but I have three wonderful step kids that I also care for. I lost my job in July and things been a bit Rocky for us I have a part time job now and a student at HCC working on my child development certificatebut it’s not much bills keep coming and have to get paid I been trying to save to make sure we have a decent Christmas but I just moved to a new spot and things are hard I know Christmas is not all about praising your kids with gifts and at this point because we don’t have it I am trying to teach my kids the value of other things it’s good to give and not always receive but I still would love to see a smile on their face they are old enough to understand what Christmas is and they have written a letter to Santa expecting a couple of things it crushes my heart that I can at least get them one of those things from the list they have been great help around the home also have been doing great in school I would love to have the opportunity to reward them.

  7. Zaria Lane on said:

    Hi, I’m a young mother of a boy. He’s 2 years old, very active and outgoing.I’m in cosmetology school full time. Its very hard being a single mother but I get through it everyday. I would like to be able to get him some things but I’m not working and it hurts my heart he won’t be able to get what I could get him. Please help my son means the world and god is good everyday.

  8. LaKeitha Polk on said:

    December 7, 2017

    Strolling down the corridors of the Texas Children’s Hospital with a wagon loaded with gifts and goodies for sick kids, this scenario has been a multi-year dream my children and myself.

    I don’t have a sad story or a litany of complaints because I am blessed and highly favored. I am the biological mother of eight children; I have also helped raise two of my nephews. I’m in the process of moving from a 3-bedroom apartment to another smaller unit. But my holiday dreams are to have the opportunity to share gifts and good wishes with little ones that are in a more precarious situation than my kids.

    My husband works for the Houston ISD system as a teacher. Lately, he has experienced a deep pay cut. That has exacerbated our financial situation and, by extension, threaten to defer our plans of fulfilling this long-held desire to share with less fortunate kids.

    I can just imagine myself and my eight kids handing out some toys, at Texas children’s hospital, to the babies who are in the hospital during these holidays. It will be a dream fulfilled, if this holiday wish becomes a reality.

    Thank you,

    La’Keitha Polk

  9. Alma Manning on said:

    Hello & Happy Holidays to All,

    My household could benefit from this contest. I’m raising 5 non-blood related children. These children are not foster children. When we move to Texas I had no ideal that I wasn’t eligible for cash Tanf assistant. Because I’m not related to the children. So we live off my Social Security disability check. We make it work, but Christmas isn’t possible with our household income. I’ve explain it to the 3 older children. But only 2 understand. These children are (12G, 7G, 5B, 2B & 2G). If all fail we have love, because blood doesn’t make us family. Love Does!!!… God Bless!!!

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