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Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of year when families and friends get together to celebrate each other and eat good food. However, comedian Corey Holcomb says Thanksgiving is the hardest holiday for players to get to their side pieces.

“As I have said, Thanksgiving is the day when the family eats together so I  always tell the side girl please stop cooking on Thanksgiving,” expressed Holcomb.

Side pieces think you may not be trying to see them but Holcomb argues the opposite. “A lot of times we can’t get away on Thanksgiving night. We’re full,” he explained.

But with Christmas around the corner, side pieces expect to get lots of gifts. “All you got to do is act like your religion doesn’t allow you to celebrate Christmas because Christmas can get expensive,” laughed Holcomb.

Catch Holcomb in Atlanta at the FOX Theatre on Saturday, November 18, in Baltimore at the Comedy Factory on December 14 and 16 and in Memphis at Chuckles Comedy Club on New Years!

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