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Actor Malik Yoba stars in and produced the new web series on called Shop Talk: What’s on the Hearts of Men”. The series takes place in a Brooklyn barbershop called KNAPS where Malik Yoba and friends let loose and speak to what’s on the hearts of men and women everywhere. This comedic documentary-style web series talks about it all; from manhood and interracial relationships to baby mamma drama!


Shop Talk is BET’s second web series. Malik Yoba stars, emerging as a loving father and role model. Yoba is surrounded by self-appointed teacher, ‘Pops’, and a colorful crew of outspoken new cats, young guys, and business-savvy young ladies. Although scripted, the characters pull from each actor’s lifelong experiences, often going off-script. A decorated actor, Yoba is best known for his role in “New York Undercover” and “Why Did I Get Married?”

The series is written, co-directed and produced by Yoba. The multi-talented actor also co-wrote with A. Rahman Yoba, directed and starred in his stage play called “What’s on the Hearts of Men.” Yoba is starring in the upcoming Tyler Perry movie, “Why Did I Get Married Too,” and solo show “Harlem to Hollywood” premiere during the NY Hip Hop Theatre Festival Fall 2010.

You can watch Shop Talk exclusively HERE. New episodes are added on weekly at 3 PM.