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Survivors Remorse may be ending after four amazing seasons, but it doesn’t mean we’ll see the last of Erica Ash! She’ll be starring in the movie Miss Me This Christmas premiering on TV One Sunday, December 3, 2017.

Tom and Sybil couldn’t help but ask why Survivors Remorse was ending. “We’re all still a little bit reeling ourselves,” replied Ash. “We thought for sure we were going to get another season.” The show did a great job of tackling important everyday issues.

However, Ash is coming back strong in a TV One Christmas movie!

“Miss Me This Christmas is a story of a couple Regina and Franklin, they are a music mogul couple,” that got married on Christmas day a few years back explained Ash. “They run into some trouble when Regina thinks he’s got a little side piece happening….The movie is basically about whether or not they can save their marriage before Christmas day.”

Sure to be a cute Christmas movie for everyone Ash says, “It was gut-busting for us to shot it, so I know it’s going to be gut-busting for Y’all.”

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