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A Chicago man charged with first-degree murder and the dismemberment of his father’s body is under evaluation after several uncontrolled outbursts of anger during a court hearing on Tuesday, The Chicago Tribune reported.

Judge Stephanie K. Miller ordered Carlton Edmondson, who was arrested on Saturday, be taken to Cermak Hospital after the accused killer made several incoherent rants.

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The police arrested Carlton Edmondson, 26, after they conducted a well-being check of his 61-year-old father Carl Edmondson. They found Carl Edmondson’s body at the bottom of his basement stairs, with his head smashed in and blood and brain matter splattered on the floor and walls. The elder Edmondson’s penis was severed, and he had lacerations to the lower portions of his body, which had the scent of gasoline. Carlton Edmondson also posted photos to Facebook after the killing. It showed a hand touching what appeared to be the Carl Edmondson’s bashed skull, with the caption, “Yo bAudie is mA party #babhyhh.”

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Carl Edmondson was pronounced dead at the scene. The medical examiner’s office concluded later that he died from blunt force injuries. He had asked the court on Oct. 4 for an order of protection against his son. It was granted through Oct. 2019. However, authorities did not immediately serve the order to Carl Edmondson. On Nov. 20, the younger Edmondson allegedly threw a brick through his father’s window and was arrested for misdemeanor criminal damage to property. During the hearing on Tuesday, he was lucid at times, the newspaper reported. At one point, he questioned the judge about the validity of the order of protection–noting that his father is no longer alive.

SOURCE:  The Chicago Tribune


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