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There will always be a special place in people’s hearts for the show Survivors Remorse and another place for Bridgette played by the hilarious Erica Ash.

Everyone is still feeling a little sore about the show coming to an end and Ash had an interesting description for its end.

“You know what? It was one of those things when you go to someone’s house and you think they’re having a good time and then they say, whoop it’s time to go,” laughed Ash. “It had to be a divine thing, I got the offer to have my own show probably two weeks before they made the decision.”

If you didn’t know before acting Ash was studying to be a doctor. “After I finished with college and the pre-med portion, I needed a break because it was a lot of academics,” explained Ash.

In taking a year off from school, she fell into acting and never looked back. Her new show In Contempt premieres on BET April 19 and provides an amazing look into the lives of public defenders.

“I’m very excited about this… The show is called In Contempt, in it, I play Gwen Sullivan who is a public defender,” explained Ash. “My character is extremely passionate about it and she goes to great lengths to get her clients what they deserve. It will really make you take another look at them and what they do.”

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