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Patti LaBelle

Source: Ebet Roberts / Getty

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43 thoughts on “Take Our Music Survey For Your Chance To Win Patti Labelle Tickets

  1. Aj Alexander on said:

    Miss Patti is by far the greatest singer I’ve ever heard, no matter what she’s singing, it comes out spiritual.

  2. Aisha Fuller on said:

    Sweet love with you nothing else matters
    You’re my heart and my heart is yours Patti

  3. Aisha Fuller on said:

    I don’t care nothing about going out
    Now that I found out what it’s all about
    Hear me

  4. Aisha Fuller on said:

    Somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly
    and the dreams that you dreamed of dreams really do come true

  5. Aisha Fuller on said:

    I’m feeling good from my hat to my shoe
    Know where I am going and I know what to do Patti

  6. Aisha Fuller on said:

    In a world of superheros in a world of weak and strong in a sea of have and have nots I’ve survived Patti

  7. Aisha Fuller on said:

    Oh Patti, I love you I love you, I love you honey I love you, I do, more than you ever know it’s for

  8. Bridgett Sims on said:

    Patti reminds me of my mother. Dressed up and ready 24-7. Loving and sweet. They have that special ora around them that draws you in.

  9. Aisha Fuller on said:

    Think of all the opportunities that float right by you and me.Take my hand, and we will know all that we dream we, our own.

  10. Aisha Fuller on said:

    If you don’t know me by now you will never never never know me if you don’t know me by now you will never never never know me

  11. Aisha Fuller on said:

    Queen of soul used to sing to an empty room, I was so lonely and so out of tune
    then you came along and made my life a happy song

  12. Her legendary voice,persona, astute business acumen, and godmotherly manner are awe inspiring and inspirational. She is trul y one of our Greatest, and I respect, love and adore Ms. Patty!!

  13. Arneather D Webb on said:

    Patti LaBelle Style is unique in her own right. she knows how to bring a crowd to their feet. I saw her years ago at the rodeo about 30 years ago to be exact and I really enjoyed it along with her pies

  14. Joyce Haley on said:

    I would love to see my Patti in concert the most amazing person down to earth which is so real to life that u would ever want to meet in person. Don’t expect to be looked at as being more that anyone else on this EARTH just so Loving and caring. One who love people n just wants to be respected in the same way.

  15. Danielle Joseph on said:

    Ms. Patti, is myfavorite female artist. With the except of two celebrities (one bein her) I have met all on my bucket list. I would love to see her.

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