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First it was Isaac Newton Farris, Jr. who said Trump isn’t “a racist in traditional sense.” Now Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, spoke to Fox News this morning (out of all places) to defend Trump’s racism.

“I do not believe President Donald Trump is a racist,” Alveda said, “I mean, look at everything. The economy is up, jobs are up in the Black community, there’s great promise to get a lot of people who have been unfairly incarcerated out. So, there’s so many economic opportunities, opportunities for babies in the womb. The president is working for America — period — as he’s draining the swamp.” She also added, “And African-Americans are benefiting. Our jobs are going up. Our unemployment is going down. Companies are saying they are going to raise the minimum wage and do bonuses because of the tax cuts. So, the president is helping the African-American community. And I don’t believe President Donald John Trump is a racist.”

Let’s break this down… it has been proven that the economy improving is a rollover from the Obama administration, which Trump takes the credit. We are already seeing the effects of Trump giving tax breaks to major corporations, Walmart increased their minimum wage but within days closed over 60 stores. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union called Walmart’s wage increase a “public relations stunt” for Republicans. Expect more corporations to promote increases and bonuses but layoff thousands of people, which will not help the Black community and might undo the progress Obama made.

As far as “jobs are up in the Black community,” unemployment has been going down in the Black community for years, NPR reports, “there’s nothing specific that Trump did to change this rate.” The Trump administration hasn’t done a damn thing for the Black community — unless you count the awful things he has done: blocking fair housing, threatening free speech, hiring the despicable Betsy DeVos, wanting to re-criminalize marijuana and advocating to deport millions of Black and brown people out of the country. Plus, his white supremacist team and dangerous racism. It is safe to say Dr. King would not be a Trump supporter.

Watch Alveda defend Trump below:



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