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Kerry Washington

Source: Jon Kopaloff / Getty

The cast and crew are leaving Scandal with some pretty thoughtful parting gifts. As you know, Kerry Washington and here infamous Olivia Pope character are ending after seven seasons. Washington surprised the show’s cast and crew with a week of thoughtful gifts she called “Scandal Survival Kit.” She explained,

It had work-out classes and sneakers and wine and food and books… it’s all the things you haven’t had a chance to do while we’ve been working. But I wanted to end with a mattress. She ended the week of gift with a Tomorrow Sleep mattress.

We work 16-hour days and sometimes some departments have eight-hour turnarounds, which means they’re sleeping five, six hours a night, and I just really feel like having a mattress is something you’re supposed to do for yourself but you don’t do it enough. I wanted to give that to our Scandal family.


By the way, are you sad to see ‘Scandal’ end?