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Thanks to Donald Trump’s nonsense, Doug Jones’ historic Senate win last year and perhaps the #MeToo Movement, there are now more Black women running for political office in the state of Alabama than ever before!

According to NBC News, there are currently three dozen African-American women who are running for office as Democrats across the deep-red state of Alabama.

Jameria Moore, a 49-year-old attorney who launched her campaign for a judgeship on the Jefferson County Probate Court, claims that Jones winning served as inspiration for her to step up.

“It’s so important that we step up, that we show the nation that we can lead,” Moore said in a recent interview with the news station.

“That, here in Alabama, we’re ready to lead our state into the future.”

NBC noted that “more than 35 black women have launched campaigns or re-election efforts, and more than three-quarters of them are running in Birmingham, in state and county judicial races, or for seats in the state legislature.”

According to Richard Fording, a professor of public policy at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, this is something to definitely celebrate.

“Alabama is not a state that is known for electing women to office, so, in some sense, this is surprising, historic and much needed,” he explained.

Clearly, Trump’s anti-Black women antics have played a role in this increase as well, Quentin James, founder and director of the Collective PAC, pointed out to NBC.

“You have a president who attacks black women,” he said, noting ho the White House has disrespected two Democratic congresswomen, Maxine Waters of California and Frederica Wilson of Florida.

“They’re fed up, we’re fed up, and … it’s crucial we have more voices on the public stage to fight back,” James added.

One important fact we can’t ignore is that Black women’s voting power, our staunch activism and participating in the political process isn’t new or rare.

“We didn’t just become part of the political process,” Moore stressed. “We’ve always played a part in the process even before we had the right to vote.”

Dejuana Thompson, the founder of Woke Vote, couldn’t agree more.

“Black women have been leading this party for years and showing up for Democratic issues for years,” said Thompson, whose group relies on funding from liberal PACs like Priorities USA and New Nation Rising.

“And the community follows their lead. So when we have any opportunity to engage people of color, it creates a space for the student, the teacher, the mom to find their purpose. … We can leverage that into motivation to turn out for elections.”

We’re here for all of this…November can’t come soon enough!

Read NBC’s report in it’s entirety here


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