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On May 6, a video was posted on Facebook of Shreveport officer Gary Thomas going ballistic on a Black teenager who was accused by an older woman, who appeared to be a neighbor, of playing his music too loud. You can hear and see Thomas screaming directly in the teen’s face, I’ll put my hands on you, any f***** time I want to. You f****** swing on me mother f*****, I’ll whip your f****** a**. Record it, record me whipping his a**!” He also used the term “boy,” which is degerorty term toward Black men and boys in the South. “Don’t you throw your hands up at me, boy. Do not throw your hands up at me again. Get off this f***** porch right now!”

Watch the disturbing video below:

Once the video went viral, Thomas, 36, was placed on administrative leave, which appeared to be a weak punishment considering he was previously terminated for a domestic abuse case, but was reinstated. Nonetheless, according to, Shreveport Police Chief Alan Crump said, “The behavior that I witnessed on the clip of the video that was seen definitely is not something that we train our officers to do. And it led me to instruct an inquiry to investigate the matter in full so that we can get a full picture of what is going on so that the proper decisions can be made relative to the entire issue.” The chief promised a thorough investigation.

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Mayor Ollie Tyler released the following statement, “We are concerned with the content of the video that has been circulating on social media. I have instructed Chief Crump to take all appropriate action and to complete a thorough review of this matter. We expect all of our employees to interact with our public in a professional and courteous manner.”

Now, Thomas “quit” the department, but we all know what that means — he was more than likely fired. reports, “A notice from the Police Department says the officer resigned Thursday afternoon, effective immediately, amid allegations of policy violations.”

Who knows if other charges will be made against the officer, but we are grateful nothing more happened to the teenager. This incident could’ve quickly been a tragedy and this former officer appears to have the temperament to shoot anyone and anything.


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