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La La Anthony

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Sisterhood is the vessel through which Black women navigate the world. From our group chats to the intimate conversations that get us through, we value our friendships because we understand we’re only as strong as the women we surround ourselves with.

We caught up with La La Anthony, ambassador for Arm & Hammer’s baking soda at the Arm & Hammer House, who opened up about how she balances motherhood, her new ambassadorship, friendships and marriage.

HelloBeautiful: How did you become an ambassador for Arm & Hammer?

La La Anthony: It fits for what I need and for what Kiyan needs. Being a mom, I wanted to find something that has many different uses. Kiyan uses it to make slime. I use it for things like brushing my teeth and I love that it doesn’t make them super sensitive. I like to use it sometimes as a body scrub. It’s super gentle.

HB: How do you balance being a mom, wife and business woman? How are you here doing this right now? You’re seeing it. I’m on the phone. I’m making sure Kiyan is at practice. When I leave here, I’ll meet him at practice. You just make it work on your schedule and in your life. I’m lucky I only have one kid, I don’t know how people do it with two, three, four. He’s my best friend, we can maneuver together.

HB: You have some amazing friendships with some dope Black women, how do you balance those relationships on top of everything else?

La La: True friendships aren’t hard work and you shouldn’t have to feel like they’re work. Everyone understands we’re all busy, we’re not going to be able to talk 24/7 and when we do talk it’s like we haven’t skipped a beat. It’d great to have friends that understand that because sometimes I’ll look up and be like I haven’t spoken to Kelly or Ciara in four or five days and I’m like ‘Oh, I have to call them. It’s good to know everyone understands. They’re great support systems.

HB: Did Kim K inspire you to go blonde?

La La: She inspires me to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. She started wearing the sweats when people weren’t necessarily thinking that was fashion. What she’s doing in the beauty department is amazing. She inspires me as a businesswoman. But all friends do, Ciara, Kelly, Kim, Serena. They’re all killing the game in so many different ways.

HB: That’s a crazy lineup. Who do you call when you’re like, “This n*gga got on my nerves?”

La La: Ciara and Kelly.

HB: Who do you call when you’re like, “Kiyan is wildin’ out in school right now?”

La La: Ciara and Kelly. Serena I call more for motivation. Like, ‘I’m feeling down about this’ or ‘I’m feeling like I’m not doing enough.’ Or also for fitness, like ‘I’m not working out.” And need to get motivated for working out. Kim is great for tips on anything. What to use on my face for this? Trying to lose weight, what do I do? She’s the person for all of that type of stuff.

HB: What’s the best tip Serena gave you?

La La: Serena told me one time, ‘The way to stay in shape, is to always prepare for summer. Even when it’s summer, you should be preparing for summer — that should be your mentality so that you’re always eating good and always working out.

HB: What’s the best tip Kim K gave you?

La La: I called her the other day and was like, ‘Ok, so how exactly do I use these contour sticks?’ She’ll show me on Facetime how to use it. She’s like that. She wants women to look beautiful and feel beautiful. There are some people who want to keep all the secrets for herself. You can call her for anything.

HB: What’s the status of you and Carmelo?

La La: We are just really being amazing parents to Kaiyan, To me, that’s most important. Melo’s been gone. He just got back from OKC, unfortunately they didn’t make it as far as everyone hoped they would. But he’s back and enjoying New York and enjoying being parents to our kids.

HB: What’s next?         

La La: Power is coming back July 1. I’m producing a bunch of stuff. My first book, “The Love Playbook,” we’re in the process of writing the script to turn it into a movie. I’ve partnered up with Queen Latifah on it so I’m excited about that. I think I’m going to start working on my third book soon. Staying busy.


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