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Eyebrows. They shape the structure of your face and when they look “off,” it can really alter your appearance. Social media has birthed “Instagram Brows,” giving you an airbrushed look through tinting, shaping, filling in and more.

But what if you are a girl looking for a more natural, yet defined look? For me, personally, I don’t like the idea of spending 15 minutes on my eyebrows and while I’m improving, I really only know how to do a defined brow. The natural brow is being sported by our favorites like Tracee Ellis Ross and Yara Shahidi, who aren’t altering their natural shape.


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I wanted something more natural looking. I visited Sheria Williams a pro makeup artist based in New Orleans, LA that showed me that a good defined, natural brow can shape my face, make me look younger, and more.

The above is how I’ve been doing my brows. It’s not that I think they look bad, but they could look better. After all, ladies, what’s wrong with perfecting (or even switching up), your makeup routine? (Yes, we can get in a makeup rut).

Williams’ went step by step to how to perfect brows and I’m showing you in 7 easy steps.

Start on your brows after you put on foundation.

How To Do Natural Brows

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Doing your brows after you put on foundation allows for you to control and keep the shape, not altering it with your foundation.

Brush your hairs up.

How To Do Natural Brows

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Have a little spoolie (think of it like a mascara brush) to brush up your eyebrow hairs. My favorite one is IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe™ Brow Power™ Universal Brow-Transformer Brush #21 ($24.00,  Williams’ explained, “Brushing your hairs up will help you see your natural browline so you know where to fill in sparse areas and give you more ‘hair’ to work with at the top.”

Follow your brow line.

How To Do Natural Brows

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Follow the natural shape of your browline underneath your brow. Do the same at the top.

Keep your natural shape.

So, I was creating this square shape, which is great if you want a defined brow. However, with summer approaching, I’m switching up my look to more natural, so Williams’ kept my circular shape. She used, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil ($21.00,

Short strokes.

You want to emulate “hairs,” so short small strokes are the way to go.

Do not highlight above your brow with concealer.

I thought this was the one thing you are supposed to do regardless. I was wrong. Williams’ explained, “It makes the brow appear very defined and dramatic and unnatural.”

Do highlight below your brow.

How To Do Natural Brows

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Highlight below your brow, but it’s not with a concealer like you think. Yes, you can use concealer to clean up areas, but you should highlight with a shimmery color (think of how you highlight your cheek) directly on the brow bone. Williams’ explained, “This will help create shape and give the illusion of an arched brow.” She used a color from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit ($40.00,

How To Do Natural Brows

Source: Danielle James / Hello Beautiful

Voila! You now have a natural looking brow. Like it? Beauties, tag @HelloBeautiful or your Style and Beauty Editor (me!) @TheIslanDiva if you try out this look. I want to see it on you!

See more of Sheria Williams’ makeup looks or to book an appointment in NOLA (heyyy, Essence Festival is right around the corner), here. You can find her company RI-Make Faces Artistry, here.


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