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Issa a girls trip! Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta finds the crew in Tokyo for Eva’s second bachelorette celebration. They brave a 14-hour flight, arrive at their nice hotel and sit down for a meal as soon as they arrive, but Kandi is not feeling what’s on the menu. It’s light salads, tuna tataki, etc. Kandi is complaining and acting like a spoiled American because she wants a burger or something that she feels is more substantial while the other women aren’t having any problems digging in.

Tanya takes this trip the most serious so she hooks the group up with Aya, a cultural ambassador. Aya goes over some cultural customs and traditions with them. One of the main customs is that they shouldn’t be late. Anyone who is familiar with Japanese culture knows that lateness is highly offensive, more offensive than in a lot of other countries. Unfortunately, this group of women is always late. But hold that thought.

Once Aya leaves, Eva takes center stage to try to open up the floor to get the group to talk and get over whatever issues they have—Because these chats are always productive.

Eva starts with Porsha. Eva felt some type of way about Porsha calling her out for being shady and two-faced at Tanya’s house. Porsha gets annoyed and says she doesn’t think it’s that deep. Porsha then says she specifically remembers Eva talking trash about Shamea and Cynthia behind their backs but then being nice in their faces so she took Eva to task about that behavior. Then Porsha got a little stank, telling Eva not to play the victim. Eva said she’s not playing the victim but she felt like Porsha was trying to “stunt on her.” Porsha reiterates that she’s wasn’t coming for her and they move on. Finally, dinner wraps with Porsha telling the entire group that she’s pregnant (because only a couple of women know at this point). That’s actually a sweet moment because Porsha learned how to say, “I’m pregnant,” in Japanese, and even Kandi is happy for her, all beef aside.

Eva doesn’t have too much time to think about the pettiness because gets tragic news that her grandfather is on life support. He had a heart attack, so here we are. Kandi is there to comfort her and gives her some positive commentary. Eva isn’t going to go home just yet but she is on standby. She’s waiting for her mother to call her back with more news, which will probably be that her grandfather passed away.

The group goes sightseeing the next day. Call time was 11:00 am but that went right out the window for some of the ladies. Eva, Tanya, Porsha, Cynthia and Kandi are the only ones on time. Ayo wants to leave the rest of the group at 11:10 but Eva begs her to stay. She does, but she’s highly annoyed because lateness is a great disrespect and they have a lot of things to do that day The gang’s finally all present by 12.

They visit a temple and read fortunes, which actually seem to be on point. Eva’s even says that the patient will be well (this can be taken literally or figuratively), which gives her hope. Eventually, they end up having lunch and the drama kicks up again. Kandi is being picky about food again and the rest of them bogart Tanya with questions about whether she’s married or not. Tanya has been engaged to her man for three years but considers herself spiritually married. But then Tanya calls NeNe out on making a comment at the temple that maybe she’ll marry someone else. Tanya feels it’s bad juju to say something like that in a spiritual temple. NeNe gets unnecessarily defensive and says it’s not that serious and that she doesn’t give a f–k. Tanya looks super hurt and confused because she came at NeNe respectfully and she actually considered NeNe a friend. We end the episode on that note but this definitely isn’t over.

Next week, NeNe goes Ghost on the group, Eva and Marlo go at it and Eva’s grandfather takes a turn for the worst.

In NeNe’s defense, she might be on edge because of her situation with Gregg. We shall see.


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