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Jacque Reid always says you need to, “think twice before you ask any woman about maternity.” Asking a women if she has any kids or when she is going to have children may seem innocent but it can be hurtful for women struggling with infertility. Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Samantha Fittz, who is the author of Journey of Hope: Love, Marriage and Overcoming Infertility at 40. 

As the title of her book suggests, Fit struggled with infertility and like many other women, kept her struggle private because she says she was “embarrassed.” But, now she feels like the stigma and shame surrounding infertility needs to end, that’s why she decided to share her story.

She met her husband and got married in her late 30s, and being told that they were infertile was hard, especially for her. The women in her family didn’t have any issues, she even had an aunt who had 15 babies. It took her 3 years to become a mother and she calls the experience “it was extremely stressful.”

She often found herself wondering “Lord why me,” and even if her husband should be with a woman who could give him the child he wanted. But, she is now the mother of a “sassy” 4-year-old daughter.

She advises other women struggling with fertility to,”have a plan you have to pray and be persistent and talk to your doctor.”


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