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Just a few minutes ago, I released a 72 page report on every single penny I’ve ever raised since the Black Lives Matter Movement began. When you can, you can go to  to check it out.

In the 5 years since the Black Lives Matter movement began, I’ve helped to raise $34.5 million – which is more than any other single person in the entire movement.

I asked 7 different experts to look at every fundraiser I ever had anything to do with. Those 7 people are:  Tamika Mallory, Co-Chair of The Women’s March and Co-Founder of Justice League NYC; Becky Bond, partner at The Social Practice; Tiffany Hawkins and Allan Boomer, financial experts with Momentum Advisors; Rob Smith, attorney and executive for The Justice Collaborative; David Mitrani, attorney for Sandler Reiff; and Lee Merritt, civil rights attorney — with the support of CPA and tax attorney Richard Bell.

I asked the 7 of them to take a deep dive into all of my fundraising. And gave them full permission to report the good, bad, and ugly of what they found.

They ultimately looked at four sets of materials:

First, they tracked each of the fundraisers that I promoted through my social media accounts, and they reached out to the families who spearheaded the fundraisers and / or their lawyers. They personally obtained statements from 47 different families, attorneys, and executives across 76 fundraisers, all of which make clear that I have never accessed any of the funds that I helped to raise. For several old, inactive fundraising pages, they were unable to track down the original host. However, they did track down each of the fundraising pages itself with the help of platforms such as GoFundMe, all of which made clear that I was not formally affiliated with the fundraiser itself, but instead simply helped to raise money through sharing links through his email list and social media accounts. The team confirmed that I never had access to the funds in those cases, and could not have taken money, appropriately or otherwise.

Second, we received a full accounting of my financial relationship with Real Justice PAC and Action PAC. At Action PAC, I don’t receive any compensation at all. It was decided months before the launch of this PAC, and of its first campaign to Flip The Senate, that I would not be paid for any of his work there. The team personally confirmed that I have never been paid for this work. Reports of it being a scam, a fraud, or a grift are erroneous and completely unfounded. At Real Justice PAC, a successful organization with a multi-million dollar annual budget that Shaun co-founded, he received only a modest annual salary.

Third, the team requested and received the past five years of my  full tax returns. With the assistance of CPA and tax attorney Richard Bell, they thoroughly reviewed my full tax returns filed jointly with my wife for their past five filings for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. And they concluded that I ever received any money from any PAC other than the income from his work with Real Justice PAC, and absolutely no compensation, directly or indirectly, from the tens of millions of dollars that he has helped to raise for families in crisis. I have never been paid by any political campaign and have continuously maintained at least three jobs for the past five years to support his family and allow him to do the fundraising and advocacy work that he loves without compensation.

Lastly, the my wife and I gave full unlimited access to all of our checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, and money management software to the team. The history of those accounts goes back more than ten years. Tiffany Hawkins and Allan Boomer, each industry leading financial advisors, found absolutely no financial irregularities or evidence of any malfeasance, abuse, fraud, or misappropriation.

In short, the team found absolutely no evidence that I have ever inappropriately accessed any funds that I have raised. They searched and they asked. Not one single family, charity, cause or campaign said I was ever compensated, directly, or indirectly, for his online fundraising. In fact, it appears that with the exception of his compensation through Real Justice PAC, I have received zero compensation for the fundraising I’ve promoted. The exhaustive documentation to substantiate the findings of the team, including every statement from every family and attorney I’ve ever worked with, can be found now @

After this report, I don’t think my haters and detractors are going to go anywhere, but after this report, where people literally looked at every aspect of my financial life, including my tax returns, my bank accounts, we even gave them full access to my email and social media accounts – after all of this – I can’t do anything else.

And here’s the thing, we’ve got work to do. But here’s the thing – we didn’t create this report for my detractors, we created this report for my supporters.


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