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At some point in life most of us have had self esteem issues, but could you imagine not loving yourself for a majority of your life? Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with a woman who she says “doesn’t want your pity,” she wants you to “see all of her.”

Keah Brown was born with cerebral palsy and has a twin sister who is ablebodied with no disabilities. A few years ago she began her journey of loving herself and even wen’t viral with the hashtag #Disabledandcute. Now, Brown has a book out called “The Pretty One: One Life, Pop Culture, Disability and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me.” In it she discusses her journey to self love which she says began about 4 years ago.

To get to where she is now, she says she had to put in effort to believe “in what God had always told me,” she explains. She would look in the mirror daily and say 4 things that she liked about herself in the mirror and actually believe those things. She still does it 2 or 3 times a week.

The title of her book is “The Pretty One,” because as children her twin was called “the pretty one” and she’s learned that, “there’s room for all of us.” She harbored a lot of disdain toward her sister and has spent the last few years trying to make up for that.

In the book she say she’s “very clear about the tough parts.” But the thing she wants most to come from the book is for people to realize she’s, “a fully realized human being.” She says, “I do have a disability but that’s not all there is to me.”

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