Only in Houston, right? 51-year-old Paul Nixon wanted out of his marriage so bad that he decided to skip the process of getting his wife’s involvement – he faked her signature to make it happen.

Nixon submitted forged documents and false information to a Houston district court earlier this month. He also reportedly committed perjury in the process when he testified in court during a divorce hearing. Thanks to his actions, his divorce has been put on hold due to him committing perjury as well as fraudulent documents.

Nixon’s wife helped start the investigation after she informed Harris County constables that the divorce occurred without her knowledge.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman of the Spring area told Channel 2 that a search for Nixon is underway and he’s on the run for aggravated perjury.

“We have teams out looking for him right now, I can tell you. And we have an idea where he’s at,” Herman said. “So hopefully, he’ll turn himself in. If not, we’ll catch him. Just a matter of time.”

Aggravated perjury is a third-degree felony and can result in up to 10 years in prison and $5,000 in fines.


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