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Wash and go’s have been my go-to for the summer. It allows me to bring moisture to my hair and in this hot weather, the last thing I want to do is weigh it down with a wig or weave. Many Type 4 women stray away from wash and go’s because of lack of curl definition and most importantly, shrinkage.

Felicia Leatherwood stopped by Hello Beautiful to share details on how to achieve a wash and go that will turn heads!

First off: there is nothing quick about this style. Leatherwood warned, “It’s gonna take at least 30 minutes.” So this isn’t the style to try when you are running late for work in the morning. The problem is that most naturals, when doing a wash and go, they just slap the product on top of the hair. Leatherwood shared, “The most important part is the sectioning of the hair.” Most naturals aren’t taking the time to section their hair in the shower and apply their products correctly. Leatherwood continued, “The outcome of the style is the sectioning and the hydration of the hair.”

If sectioning seems tedious, don’t fret, Leatherwood educated, “If you section your hair from the front to the back and then ear to ear, you will move through it so quick!” Section your hair in four first, then divide each section. Beauties, you MUST section the hair or else you will miss hair. Leatherwood continued, “When you divide it (your hair) into fours, I like to do the shingling method.” She shared, “Imagine if you’re gonna flat iron your hair with the fingers. No matter what your texture, 3 or 4, your hair will start to form to it’s true texture.” Not all products work for Type 4 hair, “If you use a product that sits on top and it’s not penetrating, that product may not be the product for you. It needs to melt into the hair, especially if you have water, it should go easily into the hair.”

Leatherwood revealed another wash and go tip. While you do want your hair completely drenched, “Have a t-shirt to help dab your ends.” Why a t-shirt over a towel? “A towel is meant to extract water. A t-shirt is made to insulate you. Then use your diffuser!”

Beauties, do you have a must know tip for your Type 4 wash and go? Share in the comment section!


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