October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with a sister who you’ve probably seen online. Ericka Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28-years-old and and had a double mastectomy. Hart first gained attention in 2016 when she went topless at a Brooklyn music festival and a photographer took her picture and it went viral. From there she was contacted by multiple photographers but she reached out to Islandboyphotography because she liked his work. They did a shoot and it turned out to be bigger and more impactful than she could have imagined.

Hart says she was “nervous” to post the photos when she got them because honestly she says she didn’t like them. But she realized that Breast Cancer awareness was bigger than her. “I need to just post this because it’s not about me,” she thought. An now, “anytime breast cancer is brought up that image is brought up” she proudly stated.

Hart encourages everyone to do self breast exams regularly; that’s how she found a lump in her breast. It was then determined that Hart had bilateral Breast Cancer, stage two in her right breast and stage zero in her left.  Her doctor didn’t suggest a double mastectomy, she says she was basically told, “you just have to do this;” so it wasn’t a hard choice to make. Her main thought was that she just wanted to be healthy and cancer free.

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