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I have a few news stories I wanna break down, but first I just wanted to take a quick moment to acknowledge the life and legacy of comedian John Witherspoon. I love comedians. It’s such a gift to be able to make people laugh and John Witherspoon had been cracking jokes for generations and had found a way to still be highly relevant decade after decade.

I often comedians to ask me how they can make a difference in the world, and I’ll help them understand what they can do on issues like police brutality or mass incarceration, but the answer I always give comedians is that I hope they just keep making us laugh. Comedians have a way of making you forget, even if just for a moment, how hard this world truly is. And sometimes we just need to escape. Laughter truly is medicine for the soul.

So, just sending my love to the family and friends of John Witherspoon.

I wanted to take a moment to give us an impeachment update on Donald Trump.

As you may know, earlier this week, Trump’s own Director for European Affairs on the National Security Council, Alexander Vindman, testified before Congress. And I had previously said that no testimony was more damning to Donald Trump than that of lifelong ambassador Bill Taylor, and Taylor’s testimony was no doubt damning, but what Alexander Vindman, who is an active duty Lt. Colonel in the Army, what Vindman testified to is a serious problem for Donald Trump.

First, Vindman testified that he was on the call Trump had with the President of Ukraine. And Vindman testified that when it came time to make the transcript for the call, that Donald Trump and his staff left out several very important sentences that were specifically said about Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden and how Trump wanted Ukraine to launch an investigation into them. Vindman said when he told the staff that they left these sentences out of the transcript that Trump later released, that he Vindman was told repeatedly that they simply weren’t going to include those sentences.

Mind you, this was supposed to be a word for word read out of the call. The fact that they not only removed these sentences, but then refused to insert them at the repeated requests of their own Director of European Affairs, shows a serious degree of criminal intent and awareness of just how problematic that call truly was.

Again remember, these are lifelong conservatives who are testifying here. Bill Taylor and Alexander Vindman were Trump appointees. And Trump and conservatives have since had the nerve to question the character and patriotism of these men, who had impeccable reputations, and clearly just didn’t want to be caught up in a criminal conspiracy. So far, side by side, the testimony of these men is deeply problematic for Trump. I’m at the point where I am nearly 100% sure he’ll be impeached in the House over the next few months. The question is going to come down to the Senate, and whether or not  67 Senators will vote to impeach Trump. To check where your Senator is, go to

I need to transition for a moment because election day is coming up next week and we have so much attention on the presidential primaries that some essential elections next week could be missed.

If you know anybody who lives in or near San Francisco, I need you to let them know that they have a historic opportunity to vote in a brilliant new District Attorney named Chesa Boudin – who is one of my favorite young leaders in the entire country. We need Chesa to win this election so that he can help transform the justice system in San Francisco from the inside out.

But the truth is that we have hundreds of DA’s running for office all over the country and I need you to be informed on who’s who in your city and your county – because sometimes just voting Democrat is not enough – you need to know which Democrat to vote for.

I’ve gotta run, but I’ll be back here next Tuesday with some more election updates and advice.

Take care everybody!

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