This guest announces himself as “Little Boots AKA Hot Feet” or “Little Nugget!” Tom Joyner and Kevin Hart go way back and Hart just “had to call” and wish Tom well as well as tell him what he means to him.

Hart views Joyner as “a true legend” and feels “blessed beyond” just to be able to say that he knows and has a “relationship” with him!

One of the best memories Joyner has of Hart is when he co-hosted the show for a few hours in the middle of the night, because he was on the west coast. Hart is forever thankful for Joyner opening his “doors and giving [him] a platform” to talk about his work.

Sometimes when folks retire they go crazy, Hart warns Tom not to lose his mind! “Don’t let me catch you down on Miami beach with a thong on,” he laughs.


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