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If you can dream it, he can do it. Best known as a “conceptionalist,” Je’Caryous Johnson is a man who knows no limitations. As Executive Producer and CEO of I’m Ready Productions, the 32-year-old Johnson is proof that anything you set your mind to do can be accomplished with hard work, determination and perseverance.

As a child, he was labeled “slow” and a “trouble-maker.” Thankfully, Je’Caryous had educators in his childhood who saw beyond his acting out.  They realized Je’Caryous was in fact very bright and unchallenged.

Those early childhood, difficult years, have given way to many adult accolades and accomplishments, which  are indicative of his determined nature.

For starters, the four-time national championship playwright received the NAACP 2007Trailblazer Award and is the youngest producer/playwright to garner national media attention. He was the first person to adapt an African-American romance novel into a stage play. He was also the first person to write and produce a novel and a play, simultaneously.  With his youthful appeal, Johnson was handpicked by the estate of Sammy Davis Jr. to write Mr. Bojangles on Broadway: “Sammy Davis Jr. – The World’s Greatest Entertainer” (Las Vegas 2007). The distinction gives him another first – the youngest creator of a Vegas show. Davis’s estate also recommended that Quincy Jones (who owns the rights to the biography) collaborate with Johnson on the Broadway show. He will also make history again, with his upcoming collaboration with Brian McKnight to produce a soundtrack, play, and novel.

Johnson is no stranger to the entertainment industry. With over 14 years of experience in the performing arts, he has trained with such theater masters as Edward Albee, Jose Quintero, and Sir Peter Hall. He has directed some of the best theater legends, including Billy Dee Williams, Richard Roundtree and Grammy Award winner Brian McKnight for his acting debut.

Today, Johnson is making his mark in the entertainment arena, becoming one of the most sought-after playwrights in the industry. His entertaining, thought-provoking scripts have attracted some of the biggest names in the business – celebrities who would love to star in one of his shows.

Known for adapting best-selling novels into plays, Johnson decided to branch out and write his own novel to go along with the play, Men, Money & Gold Diggers. The novel, which bares the same name, continues to receive rave reviews. Actress Vivica A. Fox graces the cover of the novel, saying “You know this book has got to be hot! It’s so hot, I had to pose for the cover!”

Up next for Johnson are the release of more novels including his nonfiction debut, “I’m a Good Man…You’re a Good Woman – So Why Can’t We Find Each Other?” “Good Man” has a March 2010 publish date. “30 Days to Greatness. My

Personal Journey,” is a personal journaling guide with Johnson’s inspirational quotes and daily guides to greatness.

True to his never-quit spirit, Johnson is gearing up to shoot I’m Ready’s first movie, “The Marrying Kind.”

Keep your eyes on Johnson, he’s intent on making a difference for generations to come!

For more information please visit www.imreadyproductions.com

To purchase tickets on line visit: http://www.ticketmaster.com/venueartist/98779/1401033&list_view=1

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