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2020 has been one of the hardest years in recent memory for the entire United States. To start the year off we lost NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi. Pop Smoke was violently murdered in Los Angeles with the killer still on the loose. Perhaps the biggest blow to everyone is the Coronavirus pandemic that came with so many haymakers you can’t name just one. It ruined any entertainment people use to escape reality, left the majority of us unemployed, and on top of that we have to be confined to our homes while watching everything around us fall apart. At this point, its real-life Jumanji, and we are just preparing for the next level.


That next level seems to be coming in the form of ‘Murder Hornets’ and according to TMZ, the name is just as bad as it sounds.

The giant Asian hornets tear up entire bee colonies by decapitating their heads with their jaws and feeding the thoraxes to their young. Up until around November, the so-called “murder hornets” haven’t been seen here in the U.S., but now … it seems they’ve arrived, and scientists are working on a way to get rid of them since Spring is here and summer approaches when the hornets are expected to be much more active.

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The hornets kill people too, by the way — the times says up to 50 people get stung by them and die each year and their potent venom has been described as hot metal driving through people’s skin. A queen hornet can measure up to 2 inches long — so they’re big.

Entomologists and experts are tracking where they little monsters are and using homemade hornet traps to catch them and using radio-frequency identification tags to track where they go hoping to be led to the nest to eradicate all of them in the hive. Another reason to stay in the house and obey stay at home orders even if your state has opened back up.



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