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Diamond & Silk, the right-wing duo that President Donald Trump paraded around like a pair of pets, are finding that they’re still Black in America the hard way. In an upcoming book, the insufferable two claim that Fox News had it out it for them after they were canned by the network and lost their Fox Nation show.

The Daily Beast received an exclusive excerpt of Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson’s book, Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch?—The Awakening of Diamond and Silk drops this Tuesday and their firing from their Fox Nation gig which came after the pair touted false COVID-19 conspiracy theories lauded by Trump and other MAGA nutballs.

The sisters also claim that they were treated in a far harsher fashion than some of the network’s white primetime stars who have expressed similar coronavirus crazy talk. It doesn’t take an expert to note that Diamond & Silk were probably delusional to think they mattered as much as anyone else at the right-leaning network.

From The Daily Beast:

“Here is the crazy thing, y’all,” Silk declares in the book. “Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham were questioning the same things we were questioning about the virus and pandemic. The very same questions we had raised were being discussed openly on Fox News.”

She continues: “Why were our Fox Nation videos dialed back because they were deemed overly political, but it was okay for others on the network to talk about politics, even down to asking some of the same questions we had? Why were we such a threat? We only did one video every week, and it was hidden behind a paid subscription wall. When you really think about it, was this part of the systemic racism that everybody was talking about?”

Adding to the hilarity of all this, Diamond & Silk weren’t even aware that they were let go until TDB did a story about them getting cut.

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