Updated 3:06pm:

Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg told the media that Tiger would speak to a “small group of friends, colleagues and close associates” about his past and what he plans next, along with apologizing for his behavior.

Woods will not answer any questions from the media. “Tiger is reading a statement, a public apology,” Mark Steinberg told’s Robert Lusetich. “No questions. It is not a news conference.”

Original post:

(CNN) Tiger Woods has announced that he will be doing an official press conference this Friday at 11am Eastern Standard Time at PGA Headquarters in California. A CNN agent just reported that Tiger plans to apologize for his behavior to his fans, family, and friends and that he also intends to talk about his past, present and future in golf. There will be a live streaming at

This is the first time Tiger will be making a statement since it was made public that he cheated on his wife with allegedly 14 different women. I’m sure everyone will be interested in what he has to say! Make sure you tune in here for online coverage!

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