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Singer and songwriter, Sade celebrates her 62nd birthday today. For years, she has provided the perfect soundtrack for weekends filled with intense cleaning, deep reflection and overall peaceful vibes. The British-Nigerian songstress has been credited as one of the most successful British female artists in history, and is most often recognized as a major influence on contemporary music. Sade’s voice is both soothing and inviting. Her vocals create a real life sound bath, which harmoniously heals and calms any listener. Have you ever met someone who did not enjoy the relaxing sounds of Sade? We crafted a list of 16 sultry Sade tracks that are perfect for winter to celebrate a queen on her birthday.

1. By Your Side

This is definitely one of Sade’s top tracks and an ultimate fan favorite. “By Your Side” was released in 2000 with a pleasant melodic feeling that is downright irresistible. Most fans revisit this song a few times after the first listen. The simplicity in the lyrics, paired with an unforgettable melody, makes it hard not to listen over and over again.

2. No Ordinary Love 

Debuting in 1992, Sade premieres an instant classic with “No Ordinary Love.” This sultry single is simply one where Sade is tooting her own horn. “This ain’t no ordinary love, beloved.”

3. Is It A Crime?

Sade always sported a classic hoop, red lip and ponytail. Similar to her look, Sade’s music continues to resonate with generations to come. The sensual saxophone solo in the beginning that introduces the song is timeless.

4. Hang Onto Your Love 

This Sade classic is a bit more upbeat. The video is set in a casino full of patrons dancing to the sounds of Sade and her band playing paper instruments. “In heaven’s name why are you walking away. Hang onto your love.”

5. Love Is Stronger Than Pride

In 1988, Sade delivers on “Love Is Stronger Than Pride.” This heavy drummed single is one that we can all relate to. No matter how much you may dislike a past lover, it is often hard to stop loving someone you truly care about. Is love stronger than pride?

6. Bullet Proof Soul

“Bullet Proof Soul” is an underrated classic from Sade and her bandmates. It is certainly a sultry sound to snuggle in bed to this winter season.

7. When Am I Going To Make A Living?

Sade owned the 80’s with hit single after hit single. In 1984, she debuts this single that, unlike many of their songs about love, a song about achieving and believing in yourself.

8. Smooth Operator 

In 1984, “Smooth Operator” was released and the world was no longer the same. The iconic track accompanied by Sade’s airy vocals creates an uplifting single to keep your spirits high in the cold wintery months.

9. Soldier Of Love 

This single debuted later in Sade’s career in 2010. The trumpet and snare drum opens with a militant feel that is perfect to emote being a “Soldier of Love.” A perfect addition to your sultry Saturday morning playlist.

10. The Sweetest Taboo 

A common theme in Sade’s music seems to be a heavy kick drum which provides a smooth soundtrack to assist her comforting vocals. This song is definitely one of her most iconic tracks with a simple melodic hook that is both catchy and relatable to all the lovers out there.

11. Paradise

It’s all about a musical introduction for Sade and the band. “Paradise” debuted in 1988 and the single makes you feel like you’ve escaped to an island with just you and your lover. A blissful single that may help you avoid the troubles of winter’s brisk air.

12. Never As Good As The First Time

This single has a cinematic opening that fits perfectly for your favorite 80s film. It really is nothing like the first time and Sade is here to remind you.

13. Slave Song

We had to share at least one live version from Sade. Her performances are so calming and the ideal soundtrack for a relaxing weekend. Kick your feet up and enjoy!

14. I Never Thought I’d See The Day 

Sade’s songs were always so musical. This song provides peaceful, airy sonics that is intrinsic for a restorative winter playlist.

15. Flower Of The Universe

“Flower of the Universe” premiered on Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time in 2018. Like all of Sade’s music, this single represents what a lover’s universe feels like in the most euphoric way possible. No I.D. lends his hands for the remix on the movies soundtrack.

16. Immigrant 

Sade opens this live performance saying this single is dedicated to her father who was an immigrant leaving their country in Nigeria. She mentions that this song was a sketch in her mind since she was a small child. The last addition to your sultry Sade songs consummate for winter.

Enjoy these sultry sounds on the queen’s birthday. Happy Birthday to the iconic voice that is Sade!

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