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George Floyd

Source: George Floyd / Courtesy of Roxie Washington

Just a block from where Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis stands a memorial.  Just as cowardice as was Derek Chauvin’s act of murder, a man decided he wanted to murder the symbolism of Georges Floyd’s memory with an axe before he did what cowards do, ran.  

A man was caught on video arriving to George Floyds memorial when he got out of his pickup truck, removed the barriers then proceeded to start wrecking the area while tearing down Black Lives Matter signs.   When he moved towards George Floyd Squares shed he decided he needed a little more than his bare hands so he went back to his truck to retrieve an axe but before he could get his big bad wolf imitation on while taking whacks at the shed a witness started yelling at him, so he dropped his axe and ran.  Because of the witness George Floyd’s Memorial IG was able to give a report that they were fine.

Wonder how long it will take for police to identify this person that actions are all on video.

Take a look at the video below

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