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2021 U.S. Olympic Trials - Gymnastics - Day 4

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Can you imagine that your child will be living out their dreams by competing on the worlds largest stage to become champion of the world.  All the rushing to get them to practices, taking time off from work to watch them play, tying up your whole weekend with competitions that sometimes required you to travel to another state with the expense of being in the sport, traveling expenses as well as food and lodging.  Now your child is amongst the best of the best on their way to the Olympics.  What an amazing feeling that must be.

Now imagine that in order to make things happen financially you may have robbed Peter to pay Paul and got caught now instead of watching your child compete on the largest stage on earth you will be chilling watching folks in orange jump suits push waits and play basketball with prison guards as the referees.

The thought of not watching your child live out their dreams, a dream that to some may be unimaginable has got to make you sick to your stomach.   Well that’s what happened to 20 year old  gymnast Jordan Chiles, mom, Gina Chiles, when she admitted to stealing from clients and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on personal expenses through her commercial properties management business, Inspire Vision Property Management LLC, plead guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced to one year and one day in Federal prison to begin on July 27th.

Jordan Chiles however will be competing in the Olympic summer games in Tokyo July 23rd through August 8th, with her mom Gina Chiles missing it all.  Until Gina Chiles made a plea to the court and the court answered her prayers with a 30 day delay and the prosecution didn’t object.

We all make mistakes however it is acknowledging or mistakes and what we do with them that matters. 

“Every moment that I watch Jordan is the most amazing moment as a mom,”  “And so I just am looking at it as not bittersweet, but just sweet, period, that she’s here.” – Gina Chiles

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